Tunguska is awful and I am assuming all spaa are suffering

why did they nerf it so hard? if an aircraft is not flying straight towards you gl tracking and hitting anything. Why are you punishing ground players so much?

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it on all spaa rockets that nor IR guidet … its terrible now.

Because they had to push the Pantsir, so they made the Tunguska really bad to justify it.


i would have researched it anyway all they have done now is caused cas to dominate ground even more smh

Russian CAS yes.

Only thing pantsir is amazing at is spawn killing air players that haven’t learned the lesson yet. U cant shoot down anything if it makes any sort of manouver at all. The enemy has to be flying straight towards you

I have both russia and usa completed both air and ground. So i know what im talking about when it comes to the spaa. Panstir has better range that is all. Adats still has a deadlier missle within 10km