Tu-4 with nuclear bomb stats

So in ground RB when you place your mouse over the vehicle slot you can see it’s stats.
When i did this with the Tu-4, it says that the takeoff distance is 7000 meters, which the actual Tu-4 stats state is 1500 M.
Additionally there are only 5 runways with a length longer than 7000 Meters, meaning it is basically immposible for the Tu-4 with the RDS-4 nuclear bomb to take off.

I am unable to confirm whether the 7000m takeoff distance actually effects the game as if i earned a nuke i would not use it to test stats.
Gaijin fix this please.


The Tu-4 had an overweight (63.6k kg) takeoff distance of 3830m according to Gordon/Rigmant in Red Star volume 7.

The reference also states the first flight with a nuclear RSD-1 Bomb took place at Zhana-Semey airfield in Kazakhstan who’s runway is far shorter than 7km. Even with a sizable safety margin due to the heavy and unique load that day its unlikely to have needed anywhere near that length. The airfield still exist today as Semey International Airport with 3.1km +370m threshold and the length probably hasn’t halved over time.

I take all the generic data that Gaijin supplies in stat card with a pinch of salt. I suspect many placeholders haven’t been altered to match the true ingame figures even years after the vehicles are added/updated.