Trees (having a seizure)

So, is this the final version or can we expect another fix?


they have to fix it

its not even looks like there is strong wind storm or something, because trees movement is so aggressive, it would be broken IRL 10 times… and its not only moving, trees are stretching like crazy, from one side to another
i think “trees having a seizure” is on point

i dont know how developers looked at it and said " uh, this looks good and realistic, we put that in the game"


they didn’t. They put in the bare minimum of effort so they could come to us and say “hey we did something that didn’t cost you money” for once.

Yup, another Gaijin implementation without any real thought or testing…

From 50 feet away every tree is static, then at 49 feet they break into full seizure.

Brilliantly effective in destroying any immersion in the game at all.

Great Job developers, another epic fail.


Not only is the effect broken, it SMASHES my frame rate to bits even looking at these abominations…

I beg Gaijin to just return the trees to the way they were before.

It is meant to annoy you.

they dont want tanks hiding behind the trees.
They want short head on fights on small maps, so they annoy the f*** out of you if you stay behind a tree.

this will not go away. they will not change it. that is why i stopped playing since, this is the most stupid “fix” i ever witbnnessed in any game.

I’ve been considering putting down some $ on the game…that consideration is now on hold.

They still wig out waaaay too much, it’s so distracting.

Also is the tree movement server side or client side? I’ve been killed by enemies I couldn’t see due to the trees having a spasm on my end and I’m wondering if it looked the same for the enemy.