Trees eating full caliber AP shells

I was in a match using the t26e1 (super pershing) and was attempting to fire at a Tiger II H hiding behind some trees, my AP rounds would hit the trees next to him and explode in a puff of grey smoke like they were hitting a building or other type of hardcover, they wouldnt go through the tree, just impact and get destroyed. last i checked a tree is not going to stop a long barreled 90mm AP round from going straight through it

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Quick correction i was in the T26E1-1

They changed the trees and bushes so that they are all the same and all bushws can be downed with Mg fire. However idk how much they changed because i too noticed that my 7,5 cm K.Gr. Rot Pz fuzed on Bamboo in Japan and also on Trees. Maybe they changed trees and such to 100mm wood like is often found on russian tanks the woodlog.