Treatment of information of technical documentation


Today I want to discuss the treatment of the technical documentation and Technical Advisor’s.
There was a discussion on the old forum that I explicitly want to bring up, Ho-Ri Production Questions - General & Upcoming - War Thunder - Official Forum.
This discussion is continually thrown off of the technical discussion for personal attacks (From a Technical Moderator) against the Technical Advisor who openly admits that they did try their best with the information available. As someone who has had my research thrown away for not being “trustworthy” for bug reports (the STRF 9040C’s ammo count). I find it incredibly insulting that a Technical Moderator are willing to make personal remarks and insults to the people who are trying to find they documentation for vehicles that they were requested to search for.

Especially, when the STRF 9040C was changed without documentation or notice to support it. I was also given no time to find additional sources before the closing of my bug report. We all work hard to improve this game, and should seek to improve the forum as well.

Do you agree that there is an issue with the lax enforcement of some of the rules.
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The vast majority of information needed to make things somewhat real are ALL going to be classified so it’s a pretty moot.

I think we need to accept that fact that this is a game, none of it is “real,” and Gaijin reserves the right take take liberties where they please. Realism is probably the last thing we need to focus on and instead target balance and decompression.

As far as the forum, it’s a dumpster fire, but if we go as far as “criticize” then we get banned. A forum is only as good as the moderation and sadly it’s toxic all the way to the top.