Treat R3 T106 FA cannon as one

why dont just combine R3 106 FA both as one like RakJPz 2 for convenience?
you get the whole idea

Uhhh, well I got some unfortunate news for you, but they aren’t considered as one. When you have vehicles with multiple atgm launchers they are counted as separate, the only reason it seems like it is in-game is because the game only allows players to launch a single missile at a time, however what you can see in particular with the RakJPz 2 is that they are very much separate as you are able to use the launchers entirely separately and they reload separately which applies to other atgm vehicles like it. For the likes of the R3 T106, having them separate allows them to be fired separately since in-game by comparison when you have vehicles with multiple guns of the same caliber when you fire them, they all fire at the same time as the others, which for a majority of vehicles with recoilless guns is not what you want as they all have limited ammo capacity and for guns of that size you seriously do not need to fire more than a single gun at a time since if you kill it then you will be likely wasting more ammo than would be ideal, and if you can only fire both at the same time that means that if you miss that shot you are incapable of fixing that mistake before your opponent shoots you. The only thing you can gain from changing it is that you get be slightly lazier because you don’t need to bind another button to fire the other gun, which is utterly pointless because you’ll still need that binding for other vehicles anyways.

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