Trash on my tank

my Abrams M1A1 Click Bait seams to have been loaded down with a bunch of trash all over the turrit . Mr Gaigin why did you let the artist put all the trash on the tank . Every one of the Abram tanks have some trash or personal items loading down the turret.except 2 . please have then clean up the tanks out of respect if nothing else. The stuff on the Click Bait makes it look like a garbage truck . Thank you . Know other country has junk piled all over them .WHY THE AMERICANS ? do you realy think the comander of the American tank would let them go to battle looking like a moving van ?

I’d go for a cooler instead of a chair on my abrams.


I dunno Looks pretty realistic to me

I mean, that definitely looks like a real chair


lol is that the same one in game?

based on the fact the chair has got the same broken arm rest with the same colour tape on it on the ingame model, looks like it.

Frankly from those photos it looks like the ingame model has LESS stuff all over it than the real life example lol

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every country used their tanks to transport stuff in transit from one place to another but not going to battle .It would be foolish to have all that stuff on board while engaging the enemy . be honest those tanks were not on the front line fightting a war . More likely fightting is done and there on there way home .the war did only last a few days

Its called the “gypsy wagon” look.

lol There’s somebody who never served. Where does the OP think US crew store all their shit? Stowage is an issue in most tanks. Some have good stowage some don’t. Who doesn’t like a nice chair?

The source of those photos said they were taken during the 2003 Iraq war. It also wasnt the only photo I found of an Abrams with the turret covered in boxes and various other things, some of which were very much in combat during the photo.

That chair on the ClickBait seems more comfy than the ones inside the vehicle . You haven’t served and it seems . A lot of tanks have that “junk” as you call it , maybe not chairs but still . I prefer tanks look more irl than just plain stock .