Tracks on tanks aren't destroyed after direct impact from tank shell

If your engine can’t handle extra components modeling them is asinine.

What’s crazy is thinking that every issue you have relates to the game and not you.

Did you even check the server replay, or just immediately post the second you had this with no care to review the situation?

I am not a Gaijin employee or a developer. I do not have the capacity to change the game code which dictates destruction of components.

You avoid the point as per usual… Good job, keep blaming the game and the company, and the code for your issues.

Top notch accountability and engagement. I give you a solid 5 out of 7.

What is your point? Please tell me it explicitly so I can avoid further confusion.

It was right there, below your selective quote… That’s how ignorant you are to this sort of actual engagement…

You play dumb then wonder why no-one actually takes you seriously because you avoid the actual direct questions to maintain your moan…

Alright when you’re ready to state your point explicitly so I can understand it and avoid confusion let me know.

Pretty simple really, you ignoring this is clear you have no intention on wanting to be clear, so any confusion is on yourself.

After watching some of the replays for games that were the subject of some of his threads…

No, he does not watch the server replays.

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A question isn’t a point. I’m asking you to explain your point, not what you wanted to know.

I watch server replays when there are moments I wish to review or share.

I reccommend you do it before making threads. Will help to prevent posting threads that have incorrect information.

If you want to submit valid bug report please do it here: Community Bug Reporting System
If you want to submit valid suggestion, please do it here: Suggestions - War Thunder — official forum
If you want to discuss topic, please start from creating valid opening post.

Right now all you do is spamming forum with OFFTOPIC in thread you started. That’s enough.