Track add on armor for Tiger I

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Some tanks allready have track add on armor in game and i am suggesting it for more vehicles.
Historically many crews added tracks and other spare parts on the front of the vehicle to get more protection, how much it helped in reality is debatable, if at least it gave a moral boost.
In game it would offer some limited protection (these can be shot off) at the cost of a bit more weight and can save you from a shot or 2 especially badly aimed ones. Furthermore such tracks give the vehicle a more used, fight approved and unique look. Here are some possible looks, tho in game they arent all fixed to historic placements and more can be applied to furhter increase the effect over different survaces.

The Tiger I in the Italian Premium Tree allready gets such armor and for Germany such would be nice too. And perhaps even turret track armor.

And there is space for wood side armor to protect against heat and He rounds.

Pictures: (Click to show)




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Its just more weight that doesn’t do much.

As for looks, looks mean nothing in the game to me anymore. Warthunder broke ranks with immersion and detail a long time ago and with the player base approval it seems.

Who cares what a tank looks like when its WW2 fighting Italian 1970s APCs in 80s South Africa? Might as well be bright pink and covered in iced doughnuts for it matters.


That may be your opinion, but the Track armor can objectively offer protection as seen allready in game on the italian tiger.


its not my opinion its the opinion of hundreds

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I wouldn’t say that cause when I’m using the Panzer IV/70(V), I angle the armor and tanks can still penetrate my front armor but when I get the track add-on, it makes the front almost impenetrable.


Also if its that big of a issue for you and they add it, you can just remove the modification.


No way of knowing what difference it makes especially in the 7BR up tier. As for looks they used to mean a lot when but by 6-7 most WT players have given up on WW2 immersion, it has been driven from them or they quit.

By 6 BR big heavy tanks are becoming redundant and no fun to play, who wants them to be even slower and more pointless?

The game does not have to be this way but it is.

As a so called German main and major Tiger lover I really don’t care sorry.

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+1 No reason to not have it as an option.


Well that’s good for you but some us still enjoy having historically accurate tanks. Also from my experience, it does help a lot especially in the StuG III G.


Also this would be a cool feature to add to only the Tiger E, it would add something new that the Tiger H1 would not have so it gave you a good reason to get the Tiger E.

Only thing I would say is that we have gaps in some tech trees. We can buy backups but I would be interested in gap filling premiums that had different external appearance especially in my beloved German WW2 line up at 2 -4 BR.
Its silly, its point less but I would probably spend money on it. Like the Jadgpanther premium ,it has Zimmerit but that be just enough for somebody to purchase it.

Make a premium Panzer IV G with side skirts, somebody will probably buy it for their collection. Make some cheap, visually different gap fillers and people will spend GE to buy them.

You can have a nice full line up of 3.7 tanks or 6.0 BR whatever, even if its all copy paste instead of gaps or a mix of BR . Let people mix and match before purchase to create something personal to them. Have a big selection of Decal, Side skirts, Logs, Tracks etc. let people recreate Granddads tank or the tank they served in Iraq or whatever.

Make relatively cheap but make money, let people personalize and have a full lone up at a certain BR.

Sorry to sound negative initially but my immersion dream was long since crushed :)

I mean this doesn’t really have anything to do with adding tracks to Tigers. I would make your own thread if you want to talk about your issue.

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I’m responding to this thread. Extra track? no thanks. Not bothered, others can feel free to say different can’t they.

I’m a bit mixed on this one:
Yes, it is historically accurate, which i support all historical accuracy in the game
But it just makes it harder to kill the tiger I, which is one of the few heavy tanks which like to absolutely f*** up my day
But +1 for historical accuracy, just we need it at a high BR if this is added

Higher BR means it will face more non WW2 tanks and further destroy historical accuracy. I would rather stay at 5-7 -6 and hope to see a minimum of 60/70s armour

I generally leave a game where the WW2 tanks face 7BR

The italian Tiger allready has track armor, yet is at the same Br, so why should these then go higher?


The German Tiger already has add on armour

Another image showing the track armour of the Tiger


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This one would offer the most:


Another new picture: