Track add on armor for Pz IIs

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Some tanks allready have track add on armor in game and i am suggesting it for more vehicles.
Historically many crews added tracks and other spare parts on the front of the vehicle to get more protection, how much it helped in reality is debatable, if at least it gave a moral boost.
In game it would offer some limited protection (these can be shot off) at the cost of a bit more weight and can save you from a shot or 2 especially badly aimed ones. Furthermore such tracks give the vehicle a more used, fight approved and unique look. Here are some possible looks, tho in game they arent all fixed to historic placements and more can be applied to furhter increase the effect over different survaces.

Pictures: (Click to show)

Screenshot 2024-05-17 181302

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Perhaps not just IIs, but also IIIs?


I would welcome new player skins for WW2 German at the right price ,even though I moan about spending on here ,I am such a German armour fanboy I have pretty much every German WW2 premium and race to do BP when a German WW2 premium is included.

Just add some cheap premiums for the sake of selling ,make then slightly different and varied so we can run out a team of Panzer IVs that are slightly varied.

Like China ,the Premium M4 added nothing really but looked great so I got it and I love it.I guess Cobra king and German J-Panther is another example.

Thats a allready existing different suggestion. Along some others as well.

… and maybe later adding m34 MG to the StuG III 's and StuH family in a different request for the German tree. As they seem to be lacking their secondary weapons systems.
(hopefully planting a seed for a upgrade later)