Tracer rounds, and why the shooter of them is the ONLY person who doesnt see them

what IS the purpose of a tracer round??

is it for everyones entertainment and amusement?

or is it to aid the shooter of them in hitting his target?

because to me it seems like its the former, when it ought to be the latter.

ive seen tracer rounds shot by other vehicles from tanks and planes from every angle, and they look like streams of laser munitions from star trek.

but get in a spaa and what do you see? grey puffs of virtual invisibility, why is that?

you could argue its because the spaa operator is looking into the sky, but then so is every other tank witnessing the spaa’s shots, only to the other tank it look like christmas streamers, but to the spaa guy himself, the tracer may as well not even be there, because the shots are nigh on impossible to see.

this is a programming error in my view and needs to be addressed.

afterall, the purpose of tracer rounds is to aid the shooter, not everybody else.

Have you fired “stealth belts” before? No one sees them. Yes tracers are visible from the side. You really don’t want have your view obstructed with star trek lazers while you are shooting at things.

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nobody is saying you are going to be blinded!
what then IS the purpose of a tracer round in your opinion??
please, enlighten me.

the sole reason for their existence is to aid the shooter in acquiring his target, otherwise, why bother???

Thats wrong. Try again.

tracer rounds

looking specifically at ‘functionality vs standard rounds’

maybe not the sole reason, but certainly THE important purpose of.

those ‘stealth belts’ are belts of munitions that dont contain tracer rounds…

im specifically talking of belts which INCLUDE tracer, hence the post BEING about tracer!

SPAA should all get stealth belts so that can actually engage something without giving away their position to everything in a 20km radius.


it would be less of a problem being targeted by planes if you could knock the planes out before they got close.
ive shot at planes that are coming head on, aiming right at the nose with an ostwind, 2 hits if you are lucky, hardly any of them fatal.

as it stands, from the operators perspective they ARE stealth belts, because he’s the only person who cant see the tracer effect. for everyone else they are a big signpost to where you are located.

gaijin clearly favours planes in this game. they are dropping 1000lb and 2000lb bombs, hell, im even playing tier one rn, and they are dropping 500lb bombs, its ridiculous.

obvs people have complained about lack of kills by bombers and gaijing has increased their odds 1000%.
when tankers are complaining about bombers though, in a GROUND battle, its a conspiracy of silence.

SPAA doesn’t even have a proper sight yet and you’re stuck using third person and still get blinded by your own muzzle flash.
Improving SPAA usability, increasing rewards, stealth belts and more proxy options, scouting… so easy to improve their situation but 10 years of complaining and literally nothing is done, it’s still the most boring, most situational, highest skill requirement and most unrewarding task in the game.

SPAA is outright miserable most of the time, and then they do things like remove the Coelian, make the Kugelblitz a joke and refuse to lower it to a useable BR, and add some useless trash Zerstorer that adds nothing of value in my opinion and gets zero protection.

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i couldnt agree more.
SPAA is a joke, oftentimes they are much too slow to escape any bomb of the ridiculous size and blast zone we see in game these days such as 1000 and 2000lb bombs.

hitting planes from over 1 kilometre requires more skill than a tank requires, yet the rewards for killing a plane are much less than killing a tank for some bizarre reason, given a bomber can take out 6-10 tanks in one pass.

that and the points i raised earlier about the tracers, SPAA is a joke, a bit of a meme.

ok so recently they changed fighters from seeing name markers, but they at least get to see tracer streams, even if the actual spaa operator never does…

so not only are they hogtied in respect of plane attacks, they are also vulnerable to tank attacks, and they are crap vs bombs, but not just bombs, mere bullets are deadly to a spaa in most cases, and only have mediocre abilities to fight back.

what does make me laugh is the relative ease tanks in the american range with their hull and turret mounted machine guns, can take out a plane, but a spaa with 4 guns? totally different story for some ODD reason.

people talk about russian bias all the time, which i dont buy into, but imho, there is most certainly a plane vs tank bias

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Is this a wind-up??

I’ve never had any problem with not being able to see my own AA tracers, nor with hitting aircraft with M13 or M16 US SPAA - they M-16 in particular is hell on wheels (and tracks) against a/c.

Replay or it never happened.

why would it be a wind up?

you think i’d come on here wasting my own time complaining about a problem that was imaginary???

i dont care if you think it happened or not tbph

I don’t have trouble seeing my own tracers when I’m playing anti-air, but I have seen some CCs who’ve noted (and shown) how their anti-aliasing setting (and maybe whether or not they’re using DLSS?) effect how well they can see their tracers. Maybe fiddle around with those setting to see if that’s the culprit for you, too?