Toxic environment on the WT forum

We need to do something about the toxic behaviour of people on this forum flagging posts or comments they don’t like and getting them taken down!

All you need to do is go into almost any discussion on any number of sensitive topics and you will find completely hazardless comments hidden by the system(bot).

It is clear that there are people on this site, with a curtain temperament and lack of character, who feels emboldened to flag any amount posts and comments they see fit, not because they break community guidelines, but because they for whatever reason don’t like them.

To me it is really a shame all the instances I have seen. It obviously means there are many more out there. These false-flags are only discouraging users on the forum from voicing their opinion on these topic we all care about, so I really don’t think this is a small thing. That is why something must be done about it!

Ways of fixing this could be to either:

• Increase the amount of flags required for a automatic response to make the post/comment ‘hidden’

• Require a staff to hide comments or posts.

• Penalize users for flagging posts falsely.

• Make it so only registered War Thunder players can flag posts.

Hopefully together we can make this forum even better for discussing the game we love… or hate 😉


Good luck (sincerely).

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They sort of bunged it up by moving the forums to another service, effectively splitting the user base and creating more work for themselves and killing the old forums in the way they did.
It’s really hard getting info like suggestions and material over again and browsing for it is even more of a hassle.


From a usability standpoint it is rather annoying to have to click to see hidden post.

In most cases the truly offensive or off topic ones are deleted anyway, so the hidden ones are simply the points of view of the minority of forum members.

I personally prefer to read all the views about a particular topic, so clicking to open hidden post is simply an unnecessary inconvenience.


Until the hidden ones are autodeleted in 30 days.

I didn’t know that is what happens.

In most threads it will probably matter little, but in the long epic threads of the previous forum it would be catastrophic to the debate of the thread.

“If the post author does not edit the flagged post, it is never un-hidden, barring moderator action. If a post stays hidden for 30 days, it is automatically deleted.” (link)

Also worth noting, the rules/FAQ post the Gaijin team put up for the new forum says nothing about any sanctions for frivolous flagging, or any encouragement to think twice before flagging, either. “When you see bad behaviorJust flag it”, the definition of bad behavior being left entirely up to the community member’s discretion apparently. (link)

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I just got probably one of the most hateful replies on the SBMM forum by a guy saying I “ruined” WarThunder and that I’m “abusing META vehicles to get nukes”.

Whatever floats some people’s boats, but anyone can see my player card, so I don’t really care.

But yeah, basically just constant insults after a bit for no reason.

Here’s that reply if you want to see how some people act.

He deleted his reply. Anyway, here’s some evidence to back up my claims.

Here’s how he acts in matches.

And here’s my top played vehicles as of the 21st of January 2024.

Scrutinize all you want. I allow people to see my profile because I pride myself on having fun and not using vehicles based on performance.

Gajin moderators are limited in forum. Insult and provocation is almost allowed because they know that moderators only when report or contact them. The community rules and moderators (volunteers) are limited compare to other game company like Steam or Wargaming because have a lot of moderators that take action as soon you break the forum rules and remove the comment/topic.


One problem is there are certain people who state opinions and then instantly respond to everyone’s comments for simply disagreeing and argue the same claim that was just worded differently. To where many of us including myself just don’t care anymore and simply wait to see them make a respond to bounce on it not because we want to but simply because it is a very dumb opinion that shouldn’t have been made in the first place since it doesn’t benefit and only makes something worse than it is in its current form.

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I respect opinions and people have right to critize in forum but keep civilized without stats shaming or insulting or provocate on comment they don’t like it.


Arent you the guy who suggested T-80UK should go down to 11.0 and when people called out yur lack of experience you went on how you have 23k battles in WoT?

If you made anything worthy of comment, you’d not have deleted it… Simple as that.

Forums definitely need an actual hand of guidance because what we’ve got here is septic as hell.

Join you stats shaming buddies pls. Oh wait you even said something your manhood how shamefull.


Yeah, apparently, I’m playing a victim card when all he did was insult me in his reply. Alright then.

The fact that he even has to try and make out that using the game in it’s intended manner is abuse in the slightest, to even need to throwout ‘meta’ to try embolden his statement makes it clear that it’s about as based as the statshamers throwing out stats to remove the need for them to make an argument or a point.

That’s where the statshaming and statchecking on the forums is the issue.

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Using insults is in fact against the TOS.

He didn’t even stat check me. He just accused me of stuff without any evidence or reason. His only goal was to call me a horrible person for saying SBMM was a bad mechanic.

It’s the same ilk as the Stat-Checkers… There’s a lot of people here who see that any spreading of advice, or encouragement is bad, and the only way they can counter it is to discredit them and derail a thread while they are at it.