TOW 2-B is utterly useless, Why is this missile even in the game still?

It doesn’t do anything to tanks i haven’t blown up a tank with this at all in 1 hit since they nerfed it from people whining. Just another good example of gaijin nerfing a missile, after years of them claiming " historical accuracy " Nothing at all historical about this missile.


what are you hitting

Where you hit the tank matters.

the missile will not penetrate the top of tanks. half the time it blows up and does no damage. i know how to use the missile.


In War Thunder, the tow 2B is modeled with a single shape charge penetrater. In real life it fires 2 shape charges downward. When first introduced in WT it was great. Tank kills were actually way to easy given map design and lack of cover. It suffered a nerf quite quickly. 2 reasons, it is an USA vehicle and it was a bit OP. To bad it wasn’t treated like the Ka50, would have had fun for longer. The other Tow is your best option but as with most ATGM systems (other then russian), you are exposed during guidance.


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Here’s a TOW-2B tested IRL against a T-72 MBT.

Yeah… It’s pretty safe to say it’s underperforming. ALOT.


2B is specifically garbage against certain kinds of vehicles against others it’s actually fine.

  1. Tanks with uneven or curved turret armor such as M60s, most russian tanks, merkavas.
  2. Huge vehicles or vehicles with lots of empty space to trigger the missile too early.
  3. Vehicles with extra devices on the top as they often fully absorb the damage. Things with multiple machine guns, main guns that cover the turret like with begleit, multiple optics and so on.

There’s a whole lot of vehicles that can easily be oneshot with a single missile. Regular light tanks, IFVs, small missile carriers, SPAAs, german and chinese mediums so no 2Bs are just shit most of the time but unfair in some situations

This ^^^ This needs to be addressed but it won’t sadly. I agree with barial, WT would consider it too “OP” even though this game supposedly “strives” for realism.

Ive hit the same Turms 8 times with a Tow-2b and i broke the machingun.

the missile is effective in real life and dogshit in War thunder.



Lol same here yesterday I hit a T-80 NINE TIMES WITH LOSAT all legit hits all I got was a kill assist after he one shot 2 teammates… Cue the USSR national anthem…


The puma actually has spiked armor on its roof to disperse top attack missile damage. Yet in game i swear it doesnt do anything. Not sure if it should do anything against the specific type the tow2b b is though so fact check me on that.

But anyways as someone on the receiving end of tow2bs i think they are just an annoyance, especially when the chadley gets 12 missiles and i either get 6 or 0.

Oh yeah. That TOW. That used to be how it worked in game, but it was nerfed due to the amount of rage it induced.

The top armor of the PUMA is designed to disrupt HEAT bomblets dispensed from a 155mm howitzer (DPICM ammo and similar, google for more info), not the EFP a TOW-2B uses. The EFP cannot be disrupted by those rubber spikes, it has already formed and become a high velocity slug by the time it impacts them. The spikes will disrupt small bomblets that detonate directly on top of the armor.


It isnt two shaped charges, but instead 2 EFP’s. Basically it forms the liner into a slug rather than a jet


Its modeled so incredibly wrong its not even funny

Why is TOW 2-B only 100mm of penetration but the RB 56 BILL II has 510mm of penetration


Is it just this wikipedia entry

Used to be TURMS killing machine but one days it got nerfed because Russian main crying too hard

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More accurately a random quote from a M3 Bradley commander at a Taiwanese military expo said “it’ll uhh pen something like 10 centimeters of armor” was taken as word of god.

While technically accurate, the number provided is a very low estimate. Minimum penetration should be 125mm, possibly up to 200 or 270mm with dual layer shaped charge designs.

We’ve got sources proving EFPs with dual layer shaped charges and copper liners are capable of penetrating 218% their radius. Tantalum (the material used for the TOW-2B liner) should be capable of the same things. Only thing missing is a source showing TOW-2B is using dual layer designs. Or a source outright stating penetration as proven by tests/manufacturer. Neither of which will be declassified for decades to come.

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its great for taking out machine guns and radiators.

We might get lucky and some footage / post impact images of a TOW-2B dealing with ERA from Ukraine in the future, since we know that some have been provided.