!totally unbalanced! object 92

remove object 292 at 10.7 because the truth is in 10.0 it is too broken, and much worse when you are 9.3 and you face that tank you literally do nothing to it and if you shoot it in the weak point of the chassis it is still alive as if nothing had happened, 10.0 seriously? If object 292 were from NATO, they would surely raise it to 11.3, and play now 10.0 or 10.3 with another nation other than Russia, winning is almost impossible, please remove it to 10.7 quickly :).


It’s a Russian event vehicle, there is zero chance it gets uptiered any time soon.


I barely ever complained about belanced in 6 years of playing WT, but this thing is really broken at 10.0. I’m facing it with my 9.3 German line up, frontaly, unpenetratable, on the side the fuel tank is taking all the damages, centermasse not even dying… Seriously this thing is a joke


This just reads like you’ve been playing point and click with DM33 for too long and forgot how to aim the tradeoff the 292 gets for its hull armour and pen is its horrible gun handling, very bad reload for the tier and lack of good FCS if you’re playing 9.3 germany you still get better FCS in the form of better optics and thermals along with far better handling, the KPZ-70 despite its nerfed Sabot can still oneshot through the LFP and has a higher Vertical targeting speed than the 292’s horizontal targeting. The others at 9.3 that get DM33 like the leopards or super can go through all the usual weakspots that a t-64/72/80 have

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Blah blah blah

I made tests in the hangar, I know exactly where to shoot. Still, it does not die.

“It has worst reload !” Well, it will OS me every single time so it changes nothing.

Stop defending this shit just because you enjoy slapping everybody’s ass with it.

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Maybe you just suck post stats since you’re using an alt to post on the forum, ive had no issue obliterating 292’s

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You are so good, teach me please 🥹🥹🥹

Its sooo funny… 3 games on 9.7br in a row i got uptiered to 10.7 and every my death is made by this bulls***. I cat even penetrate this in side using DM23 because every shot ends in fuel tank or just bounce. Give it atleast 1br uptier to let it face shells that accualy can penetrate this in most weaker places.


Yeah, this shit is so spammed that I was uptiered in 10/10.3 (9.3 LU) every single time all weekend. I’m playing with the 9.3 leo premium, I have DM13 lol “BuT THiS Is SkiLl IssUe !”

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Move the tank that only gets high-pen APDSFS (HE shell works exactly the same as T-72’s and T-80’s have) and ESS (which useless, because you dont have thermals to see through it) and having on the same side no smoke grenades, poor gun elevation and horizontal speed, highest reload rate (even T-72’s have 7,1s), sharing the same weak spots and “gunpowder box layout” which explodes in every pen, because ammo is all over the place in the tank. Yeah sure, makes sense 100% 10.7 (no)

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I don’t think it’s OP its just getting spammed a lot which is annoying.

Recently there is a lot of USSR vs USSR matchup when you play 10.0, the T-72B 1989’s turret cheek can actually tank the 152mm apfsds from the 292, had have one unable to kill me in a hull down position and ended up wasting over 10 ammo and then he finally got SU-25K’d.

Except that “gunpowder box” not igniting as it should. This goes to all tanks with the ammo carousel.
Many times when you shoot the LFP, Side armor at and angle, side armor at 90 degrees. Your round will phase through multiple charges in the carousel, doing seemingly no damage to it, or turning it yellow.
And before you say about shot placement, i know where to shoot russian tanks. And to add insult to injury, the round will phase through the carousel, but will damage the engine AND transmission. Explain that


It’s certified gaijin moment. In this game any tank can just eat your shell with no damage. I have played on both sides against all MBTs. But this “no damage moment” mostly happens to players with bad k/d ratio.

If that is what you want to believe. Lately i’ve been playing stuff with low caliber guns, VBC with it’s 25mm and PMB090 APFSDS. As well as the Strf 9040C with it’s slpprj m/90.
The general experience is that NATO equipment goes off with the slightest hit with even the lowest caliber autocannons. Leopard 1s blow up with a single 25mm APFSDS round into the ammo next to the loader on the left of the turret, even at weird angles. Merkavas also detonate with a single small caliber APFSDS.
And yesterday i pumped over 5 rounds into the side of a Obj. 292, into the carousel, from 90 degrees angle to the side from less than 30 meters away. With the Strf 9040C (that has plethora of it’s own issues that make me question why i sometimes play it.) I watched all 5 APFSDS rounds pass gracefully through the carousel, before getting killed by his friend who came to see what’s happening.


I played with these autocannons and they have very pool spall on most MBTs except 1st Leo (pure cardboard). They works very well against light vehicles, but against soviets… they have better side armor. And T-80s hull is bugged I guess, couldn’t damage ammo (turned yellow) with almost 50 shells closely on CV9030. And NATO tanks doesn’t explode often if you bring 18-20 ammo into the battle (no shells in LFP).