Total RP different from actual gained RP?

So i have noticed this just recently and don’t actually know if its new or not.
I also don’t know if its intentional or a bug.
After a game my actual total gained RP for modifications is different from the post game listed total RP.
and its sometimes by A LOT and i don’t understand why.


The best I can explain it is like this.

If you leave a match early then you get the preliminary results, which will show less RP and SL. I think that is just like the base stuff like kills, caps and so on. Then when the match ends, you get all the boosters and extra stuff like awards and things for getting a certain amount of kills and winning.

At least that’s what I believe it is

this is the complete results after complete match ended.

Yeah. Are you not asking what the difference between leaving early and those results vs. when the match ends?

There are a few flaws in that post-battle screen

For example (just in general, not referring to your screenshot), if you end up researching a module completely, it won’t show the module research gained RP properly – just shows the RP used to finish the research of the current module but not the extra left over. And if you aren’t researching anything (fully spaded) it doesn’t show it.

It doesn’t show the rank difference penalty either.

Then the total is the research RP plus Vehicle RP, but not the bits that aren’t shown…

it’s weird.

No, if you look at the listed RP gained for my actions and how much of it went towards the total at the bottom they do not match by several thousands.

I’m not sure i understand.
Do you mean that if i finish a module the “overflowing” RP isn’t counted into the total?
as in; i still get that RP when i select a new module to research but it isn’t represented in the post battle summary?

Short answer, yes.

Longer explanation…

For I match I had where I am researching a vehicle without BR difference penalty, and didn’t complete a module:

The RP adds up to 3595, which is what you see in research for the Bucc, plus the research for the Fuselage. Then the 3595 + 3595 totals 7190 which is what you see in the last line for total RP research.

Compared to the match where I completed the fuselage mod:

If you add up the RP gained … is 3727
Which is what I got for the vehicle research on the Bucc (no rank penalty)
But see Fuselage repair is only 2084, as that is all I needed to finish researching it.

The 5811 you see in the final line is 3727 + 2084… but missing the 1643 I had left over (overflow).

The other 1643 RP (3727 - 2084 = 1643) is in the choose-your-next-research screen, which is not part of the post-battle info.

But you won’t always see this post-battle stuff immediately if you play another game, or two, while the previous ones are still completing.

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Thank you so much for the detailed answer (With Pictures!!), its very clear! :)

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