Tortoise current BR

Im sure some people are struggling to use the Tortoise even more so in stock. Its has good Frontal protection however I feel like that in 6.7 is no longer in a suitable BR as it has more than 2 weak spots alone in the front and any shell with more than 200 plus pen at 500m is capable one shot the whole tank.
The Jumbo Pershing is even able to penetrate the small hull MG, if shot correctly. It could be drop 6.0 or 6.3 with the FV4005. And maybe increase the AP spalling of it and the turret MG could move a bit fast when dealing with CAS and maybe boost its travers speed. Tortoise in comparison with say the JadgTiger, Ferdinand, Obj. 268, T28 and T95 are much better in the Br that they at. However unlike their bunker busting Tank Destroyers it has lost its touch.

Sure some people will claim that its a Hard tank to kill but most can still kill it with the 2 known weak spots and with the new tanks near 6.7 from other nations being added its time to give Britain more balance 6.0 line up

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As someone who played the tortoise about a year ago, found it funny, stopped, and picked it up again yesterday, its in the funny 6.3-7.0 balancing nightmare where you start to see stab wielding MBTs in an uptier and shitty WW2 mediums in a downtier.
It’s terrible in an uptier
It’s seal clubbing in a downtier


The armour, provided your opponent has no idea what they’re fighting and comes from the front, is a huge asset

the (substantial) tradeoffs are - your armour from the side and rear is a bit meh, your commander’s MG turret is a honking great big weakspot, and you’re slow

not to mention in uptiers you’re just screwed in most ways imaginable.

yet in downtiers its pretty frightening to fight.

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true, true but think again the tortoise also has very weak top which and bombs with 500gs and above will still kill it, even then their are still tanks like derp howitzers that can still one shot it either the roof Mg or the upper glaze roof