Torpedo tube selection

TT’s are now auto-selected for you depending on where you looked - so changing where you looked changed which tube was selected - this was most noticeable on PT boats and equivalents with fixed tubes.

It was the same a couple of years ago then it got reversed or there was a command that stopped it happening - has anyone got any idea how to stop it??

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i don’t play naval much and i’m not sure this is correct, but in the settings (not controls) under naval there is an option for torpedoes and mouse aim control.

It seems to be broken again, they really need to fix it. :(

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recently I posted the issue - its related to a change that the reload of the tube (1s) switches the green beam to the 2. launcher and then back. The tube select still works like choosen in the settings but now the short reload - which was present all the time - causes now the switch - its annoying…


Thanks - can’t see the issue tho - can you link to it?

its this post - you are already involved in the discussion
Torpedo aiming is broken since last patch? - Machinery of War Discussion / Navy - War Thunder — official forum
I did no bug report because I am sure that they will close it “no bug”

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That is silly IMO - let them make that decision, dont’ make it for them!!

Have you… Have you never gone through your settings?


It’s related to a new option in your settings, which everybody is seemingly ignorant to looking at.

Hasn’t been broken, it’s an option that was stated in the changelog for

I’ve searched for “torpedo” and haven’t found those… but then I am searching “Controls” not settings… 'cos well… the thing looks like it is a control!!

I’ll check when I get back into the game

You went to your Options… Went to Naval Battle Settings… And didn’t see Torpedo sight control with a mouse?

Edited while you were typing sorry - I’ll check later

Indeed - wherever it was I was searching did not have those.

Ah, I see.

Most settings like that would be found in options. Things pertaining to radar, common settings, weapon firing style, aiming options, and so on, are usually found in Options.

Pretty sure that’s the option they added months ago, to opt out of the awful then-new auto-selecting of tubes.

I’ll see if changing it fixes this once I’m home.

Yes - that’s what was required - thanks!👍

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I know about this option and had it already setted as proposed. What I tried to describe is a little change in behavior related to the switch to the next tube in the same launcher (only visible on ships with multiple launchers). This causes a short “jump” of the green marker to the next launcher and back again after ~1s.
This “jump” was not present a few weeks ago - previously the marker stayed on the selected launcher but you had to wait the 1s before you could launch the next torp. As far as I remember this “effect” is related to a patch where they fixed the bug of “instand reloading” where you could fire all torps including spare torps at once.

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In my experience the aiming reticle never jumps to any other torpedo tune unless you manually cycle tubes, or fully run out of torpedoes on a tube.

I was right, this is not related to the issue at all, and is the old setting that’s been there for a while.

Turing on the “with mouse” option merely enables the awful auto-selection of tubes. The actual issue being discussed in this thread is a new bug wherein during the “delay”/“reload” between firing and when the next tube in the same launcher can fire, the game switches the sight to the next available launcher. There is currently no way to fix this.

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Yes there is also that bug of apparently reloading tubes that should already be reloaded - but it was difficult to identify them as seperate when both were occurring.

Been spading Baden so not using DD’s much - will return to them and see about that one too…

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