Torpedo aiming is broken since last patch?

since one of last patches the aiming of torpedos using ships with more than 1 torpedo launcher is bugged. After launching the green marker switches to the 2. Launcher and back when the 1. was reloaded. It seems that the setting not to switch automatically between the launchers doesn’t work any longer. Now the launch marker switches in dependence of the target marker between different launchers. Also there is a slight delay of 1s between the launching of torpedos of the same launcher which might cause this issue. Previously you could launch e.g. all 4 Torps in sequence. As mentioned this affects only ships with more than 1 launcher on the same side. especially the “hopping” between the launchers make aiming much more difficult.


Yes - +1

Also for my US DD’s (2 banks of tubes, 4 or 5 ea), it goes through the animation for reloading for the last 3 shots.

Very annoying

after playing a number of games I believe the issue is related with the change that after launching a torpedo there is (and was ever) a little delay before the next torp can be fired. previously the green marker stayed active but now it was deactivated for a short time. But this causes the short “jump” to the next launcher. One must wait this second after launching and then the selected torpedo set is active again. So for me its not really a bug but very irritating at start. So the torpedo launcher is not selected automatically - except this one second and if not set in the options.


Sounds like the return of an old issue that was supposedly patched out a short while ago.

Launcher A should remain the active system until it rotates out of bounds or runs out of torpedos at which point it automatically switches to B. B then remains the active launcher until the same conditions apply.

What happens instead is one of two issues…

  1. You fire a torpedo and the launcher becomes momentarily inactive causing a change over. Instead of a sequence of A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3 you end up with A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3 with the green marker flickering between the two.

  2. The overlap arc is not prioritising the active launcher and instead the game selects the ‘Most appropriate’ even if both launchers are withing firing arcs. If your are manoeuvring, rotating launchers, or if the initial launcher simply does not lock in as the primary you get that same annoying constant switching.

Its annoying on a Bluewater ship, but I see it’s also returned for the coastals where often you are trying to target from a particular tube only to see it constantly switch and ruin your aim and obviously the fact you more are more likely to have fixed tubes but a bouncy boat exacerbates the problem even more.


Yeah I recall the coastal issue - what was that 3 or 4 years ago??!!

they added a switch so one could disable the auto-select of the tubes - what I did of course. This new “effect” is related to a recently done bugfix where the switch to the next active tube doesn’t occur - mostly on torpedo boats e.g. the german S701 where every tube has a spare torpedo. After launching one must switch manually to the next loaded tube (prev. and actually this is done automatically). A few weeks ago we had the bug that the reload was done instantly causing all torps could fired at once. This was also fixed. Unfortunately it seems that fixing a bug caused a new one or at least some “side-effects”


Much more recent, maybe within the last year. Wouldn’t surprise me to find it’s happened on multiple occasions but is more noticeable on some tube setups than others - eg PT-15 with wide angle tubes is clearly broken again.