Torpedo Spotting and Mines Marking

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(This post is a Repost of this thread in the older Forum)

Problem: lack of effective communication options in Naval RB makes coordination among players difficult; particularly alerting teammates about mines and torpedoes.

Background: in a standard RB match, communication is perhaps one of the key ways to give your team an advantage over the opposition. While the text chat is present, my experience reveals that most players chose to not use it, and roughly 1 in 10 or 20 matches do I find active communication happen between players. And of course, there is the issue with the language barrier even if they do speak. To compensate, the players will use other game mechanics to convey their needs to thair allies. For air RB, it’d be the voice commands that allow the ease of coordinated targeting and requesting assistance. On the ground RB, it’d be Attention to the Map marker as well as the scouting mechanic present on some tanks. But on naval, we have none of those benefits even for those that want to offer teamwork without using the chat, especially on combat vital information such as torpedo or mine sightings. Even if you do type out your heads up to an ally, it might be too late or they don’t know how to handle the information in a timely matter in the case of torpedoes, and in the case of mines, the information on its location will be lost to everyone given enough time.

Solution: All vehicles participating in Naval RB (not sure on how useful it’d be in Arcade, as the detection range is long) battle would a “Spot” option to be assigned in their keybinds. To use it, you would have to aim your camera (whether it be cannon’s aim or freecam) at the torpedo/mine and hit the Spot button. To prevent people from just spamming the key to detect torps/mines from across the map, perhaps there is a range to such ability, say 3000m from the ship/planes. For torpedoes, this will act a lot like the Spotting mechanic in tanks where the selected torpedoes will be visible to friendly players and the map for a given amount of time (20 seconds?). For mines, this will play differently due to the more static nature of the weapon. Once spotted, the mines marker will be marked only the map permanently until something blows it up or despawns. It is map only to prevent the mines icon from cluttering the screen.

Conclusion: Hopefully with spotting mechanic for torps/mines, allies that won’t communicate in chat due to their nature or language differences are able to cooperate for the safety of their teammates. This also grants additional benefits to plane players that wishes to support the team by scouting the seas. Feedbacks and alterations welcome!

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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