Torpedo detection range

It’s not clear if it’s a bug or intended, but torpedo detection range has been lowered to 10m according to the crew stats. additionally it’s evidently no longer affected by crew skill; not in the sense that it’s been removed as a crew skill category, but in that the minimum detection range at 0 skill is the same as the detection range of a fully leveled aced crew.

This makes me think it’s a bug because gaijin would then be making all of the crew XP people have invested in torpedo detection worthless, but it also wouldn’t be the first time gaijin has done something like this, nor the first time they have made such a change unannounced.

This crew skill has always shown 0 across the board, that isn’t new.

100m for RB similarly seems correct (as in, has always been) to me.

In arcade it ranges from 80 up to 100m, in realistic it’s a flat 10m regardless of crew skill. this seems implausibly short and makes crew leveling for it completely worthless and redundant. spotting torpedos depends on the crew observing them actually spotting them and torpedo visibility depends on the stroke of the torpedo, it’s speed and it’s propulsion system.

I’ve not noticed any mention from gaijin of torpedo mechanics for a long time.

Ah, my mistake then.

Yeah this is one of those longstanding bugs that never really got acknowledged nor fixed. If they just went out of the way and clarify that it’s one of those skill points that only have effect in AB (like Reload Speed for air crew), it’d at least help with the confusion.