Tornados Ids bugs. Nerfs. useless 11.0

Yea, but the other TT Tornado’s IDS are 11.7 in SB which makes not realy any sense

Absolutely. The only change are the guided munitions, and they may be relevant in RB, but for SB, at the moment (with no point targets), that’s irrelevant.

Also, other aircraft liek Jaguars can also carry those weapons, and are of much lower BR.

11.0 is ok for the MFG, 11.7 too high for the others. But for a BR change of the other Tornados to take any effect, they would have to go doen to 11.0, and then maybe this would warrant also a lowering of the MFG to 10.7, for example, but this may be a tad too low already.

Another question, as I rarely fly the EC9 rotation at the moment: Are the Tornados actually flown “up there”? I remember only ever seing the MFG Tornados in Sim, never or only very rarely the others…

Nope, pretty none flys then

I almost exclusively fly the Tornado Gr1 [11.3] and will venture into EC9, but it does suck, and I fly far more defensively than I would in EC8. Tornado F3 [11.7] though is no match for F-16 or Mig-29 and is pretty dull to play. I can get a few kills, but one mistake, and you die as you are out classed completely. Seeing Tornado ADVs [11.3] from the italian tree in EC8 games, despite being idenical to the F3 makes me both sad and really mad. It is the perfect jet for EC8 and the F3 needs to go down. The ADVs should have been added a year+ ago when jets like the Mig-23 were top tier and IDSs before that.

But either way, would love to see all the Tornado IDS versions go down to either universally 11.3 but ideally down to 11.0. It makes little sense SB BRs. Harrier Gr7 is fine to go from 11.7 > 11.0 despite probably being one of the better jets in the british tree for Ec7/8 but Tornado Gr1 must remain at its RB rating, but the FGR2 Phantom can go from 11.3 > 10.7 despite being almost as fast as the Gr1, can in theory carry more bombs and has radar + full suite of AAMs. Im perpetually confused about Battle Ratings for SB

Its pretty clear why so few play Tornados and they are so rare. I see maybe 1 other Tornado of any type on my team maybe once every 5 or 6 matches. I see a few more on the other team maybe, But I think a fair few are MFGs when its 10.7-11.3 bracket. They were added too late to be relevant to the game, and placed too high in the BR to be fun

Funfact: Why tf is the German TT Tornado IDS 11.7 in SB, WHILE Every Other TT IDS is 11.3 in SB???
Sure the GR.1 has only the Mk.101 Engines, which are weaker, but the IDS (1995) has exactly the same engines and is in total a 1/1 copy of the ASSTA1 why is it at a lower BR???

Better engines. I dont agree with it at all, but that is the only conclusion I can come too. They are afraid the Tornados would be too fast for lower BRs I think. Its the only logical reason they choose the BRs.

But yeah, that sounds like dev cherry picking

Funny enough, I have a post for exactly this on-going, many examples of BRs just having no logic

I mean, the Mk.101 have less force, as the Mk.103…

I think the German AASSTA1 has a higher top speed. Not enough to justify being locked to Ec9, but its the only difference I can think of that is meaningful enough in SB to justify the different BRs

MFG /Mk.103=2272km/h at 11582m
ASSTA1 /Mk.103=2311km/h at 12195m
GR.1 /Mk.101=1958km/h at 10972m
IDS(1995) /Mk.103=1955km/h at 10972m

Yeah, that stat card alone was probably their reasoning for locking it to Ec9. Its stupid dont get me wrong, I think they should all go down to 11.0.

+the Other Tornado’s have the speed written at around 10km high, while the Assta is at 12km

Yeah, No idea about that either. That does seem totally random to me

I mean its pretty smart from then, write 2 from 3 at 10km high, while the other one is at 12km and has therefore a (“higher”) Top speed because of the altitude, therefor it lokks like its faster and gives a reason for a higher BR, because “ItS fAsTeR”

@Gunjob Do you have idea why they chose different alts for the different Tornado IDS variants for their top speeds? Thanks in advance

Maybe it comes from the time of its introductuon, because whenfirst added it had the Mk.105 engines
After some old pictures of the Assta1 I found this…

As we can see, we see the Stats Together with the Mk.105 Engines,
After a few weeks they changed to the Weaker engines (Mk.103) because the ASSTA1 never had the Mk.105, therefore they changed the engines, but didnt updated the Statcard…


I really don’t understand why they need to explain anything. The aircraft is missing half of the weapons, and the second half is not configured at all as it should be. At the same time, developers use documents from Italy and England, instead of German

Attached is the document, GBU bomb testing and avionics interoperability:

Probably the old stats card from the MK.105 engines at launch. I’d not put too much stock in the stats cards.


That’s cause ASSTA’s card was written when it had Mk104s.

This is pretty much a bug, ASSTA should be similar to the 1995, it’s much higher because originally it had the MK105’s.

There is nothing of use to use in this document relevant to add anything to the German IDS.

We don’t have Anti-Radiation missiles of any kind in game, nor cluster munitions or cruise missiles.

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