Tornado near my house while playing War Thunder

I was just casually playing War Thunder when I heard some thunder outside. So I turned the news on to check and this was heading right for me.Scattered Storms Across Oklahoma Thursday Morning, Additional Round Of Storms Coming Later

Don’t worry I’m okay.

I continued to play war thunder custom battles.


Me and my dumbass thinking you talking bout the Tornado interceptor lmfao

Glad ur ok man


Good immersion I hope.

One time, 5AM in the morning we had a tornado pass over where we were,and ended up forming up the road in town.

We don’t actually have them at all, and then just this one morning it ripped through and the actual sound it made, and the way it shook the house was insane.

Did you see Dominator earlier? That guy was in one earlier on.

Nah that is called immersion the tornado just makes it sound like the tank is right outside your house.

i dont care