Tornado IDS needs move to 11.0(both Germany and Italy)

Gaijin makes Tornado’s FM like a ****, even worse than F104s(the maximum overload is 9g), I am really confused as to why Tornado must stay at 11.3. because of the CAS power? We do have Mirage 2000DR1 and Kurnass, which is much better than Tornado. German and Italian Tornado IDS doesn’t have PGM500/2000( FF bomb like agm65), but still, they are the same as the British one.


While the FM is still not final, the Tornado just wasn’t a good turning aircraft;


At most in sustained you can expect 15-16deg/s @ 5-6G depending on sweep and for instantaneous 20-21deg/s @ 8.5G again depending on sweep.


Indeed, but I remember that in RB all of the aircraft received 1.5 times maximize overload bonus. which means it should be 7.5-9g and over 12g? I am not sure if Tornado has this ability in the game? considering F104 and F4 performance, Tornado should be better.

They have 1.5x their structural limits. Tornados GR/IDS structural limit is 8G in the manual leading to a figure of around 11G in game. Which it has. That doesn’t mean it can pull that much though.

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It’s crazy that Tornado IDS is now the same BR as the JH-7A. JH-7A gets four all aspect missile instead of two, four laser guided 1000 kg bombs instead of four laser guided 450 kg bombs, more countermeasures, and a way way way better flight model. What a disappointing piece of crap the Tornado is.

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Currently the Tornado has 56 CMs (28 per pod) it should have 56 flares and 1200 chaff packets (28 flares and 600 chaff packets per pod) But they are dragging their heels fixing CMs to allow this. Should have come by now.

Its also missing multiple loadout options like Cluster bombs and other sizes of Paveway, ECM pods, a very advanced ground radar and they all could probably recieve Aim-9L/I with little impact on balance.

There are other additions as well that would enhance the Tornado.

Tornado IDS could be a very good ground attacker, but its been relegated to a fairly simple bomber

That’s why I asked gaijin to reconsider the BR of Tornado, Even they can take 4 gbu and faster, but I think 11.0 is ok, because it won’t be better than F4E or f5e