Tornado fox hunter radar

I just did some testing in custom battles and despite the name change it still seems like it’s using the old radar specs. It gets chaffed very easily and it can’t even track beyond about 70 degrees off bore despite having a 90 degree radar angle. It gets notched easily and this is all ignoring the terrible seeker on the skyflash which seems to be worse than my friends r24r as he is still able to hit me bellow 1km while mine don’t even try.

You made me fly the tornado. And after doing so i am questioning myself. Something feels off but i might be imagining things. You made me doubt myself. Well, i will wait and see what others say.

Been playing it since it came out and I have to say, the radar and missiles seemed to work better back then. It seems like it’s traded it’s radar and missiles for a bit more agility. Doesn’t help that I think it’s one of the only 4th gens that loses thrust at Mach for some reason, I think gaijins mixed the variants up as the gr 4 has the different air intake geometry that reduces thrust near Mach to keep it slow enough for its ordinance.

I think someone in the uk variants tornado forum could probably confirm this for you

I just took it out again, and it feels like it is easier to notch and has problems keeping lock up while going cold. But that might just be me. I dont know about thrust loss, never payed attention to it.