Tornado ADV | Skyflashes being bugged

So I just got into a game with the Tornado and noticed that the skyflash was kind of bugged in the weapon selector.

War Thunder - Waiting for game 3_19_2024 10_44_00 PM

Anyone else having this issue?


Do you have a custom lang file?

Thats because they changed the name of the skyflashes on the ADV in the files. They forgot to add the “normal” name, or you have a custom pack.

Nah they forgor

Expected tbh. I also wonder why they did it. They did some kind of a change and separated them from normal SF, even tho they are the same

They’re cooking something on the Tornadoes perhaps, ain’t complaining


Thats what they did

Im not sure what it means but well

Nope I don’t mess with the game files except for sound mods.

That it is less likely to change targets

Thats ok, me and Devil came to the conclusion that Gaijin just forgot to change the name lul, probably they will change it back in some days hopefully.

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