TOR-M1 Trash?

Why do I feel Chinese top-tier SPAA basically trash at the BR? The missile hardly maneuvers, with no thermal / NV sight. Cannot shoot a target less than 5km and slow missile.

Is Gaijin plan any further improvement on these? or just gonna let it rot at the BR? For now i think PGZ is better at least.


You obviously haven’t used TOR-M1 if you think this. The TOR is fantastic. If you don’t use the TOR, your other SPAA option is in the form of the TY-90, or QN506 for helicopters. WZ305 is better than both PGZ. I can certainly tell you’ve never used it if you think you need 5KM for an upwards firing missile to work.


The tor-m1 is kinda sad with its max range being 12km. It can easily be killed by CAS as they can outrange it. Also it doesnt have IRST it has TV which is kinda wack because it struggled to lock using TV.

Gaijin ruined both the vehicled and the unique adaptation, it triggered soviet and chinese players.
They literally could been added the HQ-17 to the chinese for top tier SPAA and reserver the Tor for later Russian but they just said no.


gaijin likes to stuff some Russian trash into Chinese TT. They will not make HQ-17, they will only give you tor-m1 and disgust you.


I just have no idea how someone who has played TOR-M1 can say that. Especially about the maneuverability of the missile.

Were you able to master the incredible skill of pressing the switch guidance method button? Or are you one of those typical spaa players who only knows 2 button Lock radar and Fire from the main calibre gun?

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The TOR can semi reliably shoot down incoming munitions and experienced operators will be able to utilzie the multi target track and firing modes to shoot at a plane and their incoming munitions at the same time

If Tor-m1 is so good, why gaijin gives Russia Pansitar-S1 instead of Tor-m1?


The only SPAA that bypasses 12km as far as i’m aware is the Pantsir at 18km (20?)
every other SPAA has at least 10km with the max being 12km
12km is technically normal on the BR with USSR getting special treatment

Still don’t understand why that thing was added with such an increased range as they could have gotten the Tor themselves if they really needed to bypass the 10km mark

Pantsir was released before 9M331 got fixed to 42G.

You may be right, but even then I absolutely despise using the Tor (it just doesn’t work well for me), and much prefer the Z10 if I need to clean up the sky, and if I don’t have the spawn point for the heli, I simply leave the match, this is not the case when it comes to the VT1 truck of Germany, and of course the Pantsir (the two other top tier AA I have), and I know for certain that I am not the only one who felt this way, and as such, I hope for better DOMESTIC AA to be added, such as the 625e.

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I very much doubt it’s worse than the roland systems

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TOR-M1 has the best maneuvering missile so…

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This Creature is health violation against cas

lmao the flagging cope is insane


the ito 90 m has even better misiles…

tor m1 cant get a normal rocked speed. 850m/s atm the the irl speed is 1500m/s

probably because of how the chinese basically "reversed engineered " the tor m1

because russia gotta have the best, we’ve been saying russian bias for years… you people still dont get it?

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I think it is quite hard to play at current stage since the AESA radar is under performing, and the fact you have to turn your head to lock onto a target. In reality they just have to lock and fire from any direction, since it is an AESA radar. The currently in game system of a crosshair lock makes its reaction time about 3-4 seconds slower than all SPAA, since you have to wait for the missile to straighten its path. The Su25sm3 just destroys you since the 750m/s KH38 can travel 3 km without challenge, then you have only one round’s chance to destroy it.