For those who wanna know …
translation …
“How do I log out of my game account? I don’t see a cancellation option”

Help the man! Don’t translate for us!

The question is? why log out? Alt+F4 works great for me.
Or will this work?

Don’t know … kinda strange question …

Go to hell, cheaters, please leave WT


You are trying to log out and use another account
So you can use cheats again? lol


I think he was like this, Lmaooooo

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Good, let him do that so his sec account will get autobanned… and every other account he uses on his PC ever in his life on any game that uses easy anti-cheat

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Don’t help him! he is a cheater

There will be no log out xD

oh man i got a good laugh out of this

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