Topic with small suggestions

  1. Send dynamic protection and overlay plates to the purchase section; they are consumables, and you can offer a price.
  2. Automatic loader after repair, reloading of ammunition will increase.
  3. If the crew dies, the efficiency of the tank will drop and the crew will be replenished at the point. An example of a system does not have one reduction in the speed of guidance, two guidance is disabled, but you can shoot and if three are killed, only driving is available.
  4. In addition to the BR, add selection by player level to once and for all separate the newcomer from the player who has already discovered everything a long time ago.

Please, they just fixed the economy. What you are proposing here is that ERA and such becomes a paid consumable. Aka, more sl sink. Dont give them improper ideas.

I think they already changed loader mechanics in the mean time

This means that tanks are still drivable with just 1 crew member. You would just be a gunless target. Or move to a point to replenish a new gunner. Arcade already has this feature where you survive with 1 crew member left. But you will stand still and the crew will be replenished.

A level, or skill based prequisite would just add more difficulty to the already strained matchmaker. Their coders arnt good enough to make this happen. They have to work with an outdated engine, thats suffering from calculations and script errors. My bmp 2 mg has no sound. Like, thats such a random bug. They didnt even touch it during updates, yet it broke.

1 Why do you want to cut your own throat?
3 A tank used to do that
4 They think Respawn base selection “Auto (Random point)” is not broken

2 Reloading does take for ever and some units can only reload when depleted but i think this might be changing for tanks like U-SH 405