Topic : Invisible trees are still a thing #gaijin_laziness

@Pacifica [this](https://Invisible trees are still a thing #gaijin_laziness) thread is actually issue -

Since Air Superiority there is has been issues with trees specifically on Poland, the new Volcano map (not talking about the two clusters of floating trees).

Some of the tree hitboxes are taller than the actual tree and some of the trees does have a delayed render.

Again maybe a case again on how to bug report (you should get in habit of asking questions and advising properly) or maybe advise on how to reduce graphics / check hardware.

CC @NotARealHero might be driver / hardware issue for you, but your post does have merit IMO.

WT Bug report page - // Issues

Alsp hitboxes from the visible trees are not the same as their 3D model. I frequently crash into trees that are 10m below my aircraft.

If you want to submit a valid bug report, please use CBR site.