Topic for Balance, Bias, Matchmaking and Battle Ratings 2.0

Hello there,

After a long search on the forum, I only saw the topic on BIAS and no follow-up to the important topic intended for Battlerating, balance and matchmaking such as on the old forum ( here: [Discussion] Balance, Bias, Matchmaking and Battle Ratings - General Discussion - War Thunder - Official Forum )

In order to start the discussion, I’ll talk about poor the Tortoise. It sends alone in 6.7, missinng its APDS round and maybe for the moment, he could drop in rating to complete the British 6.3 (that it can join its friend the T28 inthe same BR)

Don’t worry Germans, it’s the same for the Ferdinand/Elefant: they could be 6.3 (Jadgtiger is 6.7 already and the Jpz 4-5 is also 6.3 with cold war shells and great mobility, loving to play*). Their return to 6.3 would be comfortable…

it would be better to remember the rules of the discussion (see the link above), if one @moderator could make the topic as official?

*= Yeah, I’m cursed.

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I think all of this needs to happen

Well, I guess I’ll agree, mostly playing Tiger 2 H now…

Yeah, I guess it should be right.

This one should be moved up to 7.0 at least. I prefer to see more separation between World War 2 vehicles and Cold war.

These are only planes…
Or at least, couldn’t find ground vehicles there…

Still, at least some work is being done:

Or was, the topic is now locked.