Top tier Warbond camo no longer available

I wonder if it is intentional that the Camo crate in the warbond shop no longer covers top tier vehicles as a possibility.

Before Rank 8 was introduced the crates that give a random camouflage would give one for Rank 6 or 7 (top two ranks). Now after rank 8 introduction the crate is still only for Rank 6 or 7. So the vehicles that were moved up in rank and were previously in the raffle are no longer possible to get Camouflages for through this crate in the warbond shop.


shot 2024.06.03 09.11.06

shot 2024.06.03 09.11.00

is this intentional, a visual bug of the description or just forgotten to be fixed at the time of the change?

Trophy with random camouflage contains camos for rank Max -1 (so if max rank is VIII, trophy will contain camos for rank VII max).

I’m 95% sure that it has previously been with top rank included. i might be misremembering though.