Top tier vehicle's modifications rp cost is too much

I’ve noticed recently and many times before that getting modifications for top rank forces is a nightmare. In top tier modifications massively affect performance of players in match. I needed 30 battles in f14a to get sparrow because I kept dying to enemy with no means to defend myself (back then there was no free flare) and after that even with decent match spading vehicle took so much time. Ground force is even worse because while in f14a or air battles in overall I usually get 10k-15k, in tank battles i could barely get 8k rp despite doing my best. A top tier vehicle needs at least 270k up to 500k to get spaded and 8k per match that is also divided between all vehicles I spawned, is too damn slow.
I’m not a god tier player so i can’t make much even with premium time. This current economy for mods only favors players with high kd and put peoples like me (with sub 1 kd) in massive disadvantage. Please gaijin consider reducing mod’s rp cost.


I am totally with you, the modification cost or even just the amount of modifications on top tier is so high that I nowadays use some GE to get a few modifications and then spade the vehicle in Sim mode (just going for bases and AI targets and stuff) because spading a Jet in RB is just painful with the currently needed rp, especially as some jets are more or less helpless in Dogfight or overall Air to Air combat due to not having enough missiles or only mediocre missiles as stock options. (Here Just a few examples: AJS37: needs 500k rp, Mirage 2000-5F needs 524k rp, J-8F needs 517k rp, German F-4F needs 442k rp, even just a F-4E needs 500k rp to be fully spaded)

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Every aspect of top tier is still far too expensive and time consuming.


Stock heatfs was a kick in the balls to the community, a decision 100% grounded in greed, disguised with a thinly veiled lie about ‘‘fairness’’, which prevents me from playing top tier entirely, especially since they complimented this change with the gutting off heatfs performance, that once upon a time was known as cheatfs, the insane ERA performance of Russian MBTs, the shoddy hitboxes of pretty much everything and the absurd obsession to put 10.000 fences on every single map.

Every game you play is just rolling a 100 sided dice and you’ll die without a kill if you don’t roll a 100, it’s pure misery that you have to repeat over and over and over until you scrape together some RP.

Also the end of the line penalty is ridiculous, it just punishes people who are dedicated to the game, you had the end of line penalty when the Leopard 2A4 was added, then again the penalty when the 2A5 was added, then again the penalty when the 2A6 was added, then again the penalty when the PSO was added, and this is the same for all nations… yet for people playing those vehicles later, you do not get this penalty applied.

GE conversion rate is and always has been a joke, it’s pouring money down the drain that way, so not a valid option either.


Yeah, they should reward dedicated players more instead of punishing us.

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