Top tier Premiums

Please for the love of god Gaijen give Italy a top tier jet that can actually perform at 11.3 the F104S TAF is not competetive when you cant go high because of AIM7 AND AIM 54 but cant go low because of no turning ability as well as only AIM9 P we can not compete with Magic 2 and AIM9 L or with aircraft that make our speed useless.

mig 21 lazur aint better, at least you got radar bvr missles

Lazur can at least turn, try turning with 104.

Yeah 104s suck from radar missiles, imo all top tier can go 0.3 higher to make 11.0 life a bit easier.
For now it’s better to use F-104S in the same way as Tornado IDS: use bombs, go sideway, try to avoid being locked on by enemy radars and when you see that nobody is interested in you, bomb the base and then engage enemy fighters, sometimes it works)

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