Top tier premium packs should be retired temporaly like german g.91 r/4 and sea hawk

just like in the past they should be retired temporaly for the sake of balance and variety of jets on this BR, maybe come back on events or special days just like other premium packs.

They only get retired if they sell poorly.

i dont recon seeing the german G.91 R/4 selling poorly

It more or less disappeared after the Nords got nerfed.

the sea hawk isn’t even on sale (if your talking the german one) and the g.91 is not top tier

Ok neither of these are top tier.

I’m confused at this statement because the Sea Hawk is offsale and the G.91 is horrible.

What would this help, the aircraft will still be there.

They do this with the Sea Hawk.


the g.91 is amazing

Ahahaha sure.

are you trolling?

Are you trolling? Name one good thing about the G.91 and I can counter it with two bad.

The g.91 has a amazing roll rate, a good turn rate, a good engine, 4 aim9b’s which are very underrated. The only thing i can think of is its not that good energy retention and it wing rips.

Roll rate: Low top speed, Low rip speed.
Good turn rate: Yeah right this is a bad joke, especially since you rip in any difficult turns/maneuvers.
Good engine: hahaha nice joke.
4 aim9b: Ok yes but they don’t work unless you can actually lock an enemy, which means getting nose on.

ok keep coping that you are bad at air

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Bad at air? Excuse me? It’s a bad plane and nobody can tell me otherwise.

At least at the BR it’s at, it could easily be 8.3 or 8.0

8.0??? the worst thing about it is its br 8.7 is hell fighting f-104s every game

You’ve been fighting F-104s in it? I’m not, I just fight Sabres and MiG-15 which have EVERY advantage over the G.91

c o p e h a r d e r

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Ok. You try dogfighting a MiG-15Bis in it and tell me how that goes.

g91 r/4 is pretty much germanys only cas capable premium and this guy wants to remove it

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its like Germanys only cas plane