Top tier ground feels very unbalanced

Anyone actually good with usa top tier ground cause im not apparently…I am being serious if anyone here can show me how to play USA toptier Im asking to get better so if you just feel like calling me a scrub go ahead all I ask is for some replay and stats then feel free to call me bad its all good!

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I’ve literally spent the last 10 years avoiding grinding US top tier tanks just because the horror stories I’ve heard. I’m not sure about balance or anything however seems that some nations especially Russia have a huge saturation of options on ground and air and the best in all those categories. Sure F16’s are starting to bring some competition to the air. I’ve also heard peeps say there’s more options in Russia because of its history. This may be true however I don’t think that warrants overloading a nation to literally be able to saturate its competition completely out. Why even call it War Thunder at that point just call it Russian War.

I have only gotten to 11.0 if that is high enough. I focus on flanking and using their mobility. I try to not hold up in the same place for too long.
I can usually score a few kills simply because russian/chinese players seem to hold W and fail to notice me because I am not in the actual ‘lane’.

At top tier you’re fighting peak Russian Bias code.

Good Luck. That’s all I can tell you.


I’m a bad teacher, but top is pretty balanced.

There’s no bias toward any country.

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Awesome reply can I have some of your replays? If you have an above 50%wr with usa I want to learn from you Im trying to not actually be biased and would like to learn how to be better and not think I lose because its russian bias I accept I am poor in tanks and its probably nort bias why Im losing

I had bad luck today and was exhausted, so I didn’t do anything at top ground.
Most of my USA replays are from prior update.

I will say this: Enemy engine volume max, use headphones.
Start memorizing maps and where most people pop up.
That’s all I can give for now.

If by top tier you mean top br then yes. It’s russian playground, just like air rb is for usa. Around 10.7-11.0 usa is really strong for ground

honestly had russian teams with usa but lol they spawned once so we lost rofl so I did lose WITH heavy russian team but my god they outplayed me for low iq play

US has plenty of options on the ground, just look at SEP, M1A2, HC, AIM, HSTV-L.
I don’t play Air but I’ve heard only good things about F-16s as well, so I would think their top tier isn’t that bad as you think.

You’re right F-16’s are making a presence in top tier air I retract my statement in air. From an spaa perspective Russia has the best followed by china there’s no other comparisons to be made.

Top tier ground is rigged in favor of Russia for obvious reasons. The T-80 hulls will absorb rounds. They wont sprawl like their supposed to if shot in the side. So you have to have perfect aim as a NATO player due to this reason. Meanwhile if your a Russian player in a T-80 you can derp around with music blasting and just wait for someone to shoot you, and then shoot back anywhere and win. No aiming required.

I unlocked the T-80UK and went on a 5 kill spree with stock Heat lol. You dont even have to try. Its just a rigged carnival game. The Russian copers will deny it because they want to think they have skill instead of it just being a bias carnival game. They dont, Gaijin makes sure NATO tanks under-perform, and are over-tiered with ammo that is years behind currently what available while giving their tanks the latest and greatest.

The Mig-29SMT for example game out in 2006. USA Raptors were operational 6 months later. Our F-16s are from 1986, and The F-14B came out in 1986, and the Aim-9M in 1983. Does it get the Aim-9M? Nope. Will every Mig get a R-73? yep.

Again its just a rigged carnival game at the top.


As someone who recently moved to RU and got BVM + Pantsir, I can affirm. Playing in BVM is much more relaxed. I bounced A LOT of shots, something I rarely encounter with my muh survivability Abrams. My KD and win rate reflects this as well. 69% on BVM and 32% on SEPv2. Got the BVM post update btw, so basically fresh stats just like the SEPv2.

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