Top tier GRB Maps/game mode's are killing this game

With all the new introductions to the game in the last 2 years, GRB at 10.0 to 11.7 has become so Mehhh for lack of words.

All we have is a Game Mode that has tanks fight at ranges that make almost no sense unless the tank commander was brain dead, there is no reason we should be fighting in an M1A2 or T-80s at 100m to 300m ranges, any large-size maps we do get are designed for us to hate them as they are just vertical hills with massive open ground in the middle or let you camp spawns from the mountains or with some of the maps they added 100m out of spaw you can spawn camp each other.
From what I’ve been told and seen, Most people who pay for prem time put all the new “Large maps” on the ban list.


Don’t even get me started on how bad the render distance was on large maps as well, I could watch tanks pop in and out of existence. and have a rounds fly at me, and after they hit me the tank would pop back into existence.

With air in GRB the new FOX-3 has basically sorted out most of the CAS problem, First team to spawn an A-A fighter wins. Who needs SPAA when a GRIPPEN flying under the air spawn will do???

The top tier is no longer for players who have earned it and did the grind, Now it’s for the NEW PLAYERS with $60, So all we get is small maps, which keep the new players playing, We get maps with 3 lanes with no snipping spots, keeps new players from leaving because apparently getting sniped driving out in the open is an exploit of the map??? (I am not referring to sniping into a spawn but the main battlefield)

We need top tier to be competitive, we need it to be dynamic, 3 dimensional, larger,
We need maps that make getting one plane with air to ground a problem but not game ending,
we need maps where getting a helicopter and defending a flank means something, not just claiming up with a 50/50 SPAA that hasn’t spawned yet.
we need maps that have more than just go and cap the 3 zones and then spawn camp,
we need IFV to do IFV things like drop troops at a zone to cap, and/or utility helicopters with troops to cap zones.
we need something better at some point, we got all this cool modern stuff with 10-20km ranges and play on a map with a 1km by 1km square.


When maps 50x50 km for tanks

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I wish

I doubt after seeing this yday.


Favorite map was sands of Sinai before removing the side points and Tunisia long range map before the changes to the sniping spots, that’s what modern vehicles are all about


HAHAHAHAH What is that garbage dump

Drop troops?
You’re talking about a brand new game man lol.

I think the new long range maps are alright. They make it easy to play long range sniping. Obviously I’m apparently not as good as you guys, but I have fun on them. Whatever the city map is, that’s the only one I really don’t like. I think Netherlands, sands of Sinai and all are good. I liked the mountain more, seemingly gave it more dynamic feel because you had to watch more than 1 area… but I mean I shoot and scoot on sands of Sinai just fine.

Would I like more maps, more varied maps and more large ones… yes. However I think they’re doing okay

Yes,half of map negated,ofc i got spawncamped right after i spawned on that screen from C5.

But if the maps are dynamic and provide opportunity for strategy I just die in my $70 premium and I won’t buy more

Make all maps flat hallways please, as a M1A1 Click-bait connesuoir that is about my IQ/skill level ability.

Thank you Gaijin for dumbing the game down so I can play by just pressing W. 👍


Getting rid of the city maps would be a start.
Advance to the rhine,Sweden,Breslau,Port Novo

I agree 100% The game needs more variety across Ground, Air and even Naval.
Not only better modern map design but also alot more objectives, conditions, modes, etc.
Dropping troops, supporting fire, giving escort or even protecting certain objectives from the enemy.

Have stages in the battles where teams are pushing forward slowly, then suddenly a flanking attack from a few light tanks surrounds the enemy forces before they can retreat. There’s a massive amount of creative potential that can be designed for gamemodes still!

It isn’t just the maps that are harming the game, it’s the focus on new content, over updating gameplay.

This is a symptom of Gaijin being bad at making enjoyable larger maps. If you are stock, they suck to play on. They don’t offer as much action as smaller maps, and are sometimes unbalanced/campy.

Personally, I think large maps are incompatible with the current game design of GRB, and new things must be done in order to make it better.

I’d also like to add, that high tier tanks feel like a glorfied FPS game, because so many things are done for you. Everyone has a stabilizer, LRF, and thermals. Combined with arcadey physics, it feels like an FPS game, and not a tank game.

For real, I would actually play a sim EC sized map if it meant I would never have to deal with urban warfare and narrowed maps.


These narrowed maps are terrible. They need to go. Especially at top tier where everything moves faster. It’s turning into column fighting with no way to make a good flanking run.