Top tier CAS - Working as intended

Showcase of CAS in top tier ground simulator battles. I dont think CAS in and of itself is the core issue. War thunder suffers from a number of major and minor design flaws from improper balance to map layout. The use of CAS can and will absolutely break the game or severely degrade the experience for players, yes. However i think we can mitigate most problems related to CAS with a few small changes, turning CAS from being game-breaking to just being annoying. Everyone will of course have their own biased opinion on what should change and the topic have come up before without progress. I hope this video can highlight some problems which one could agrue as being objectively true.

Clips are from two different play sessions and one recording of a replay. These are obviously cherry-picked but still somewhat representative of the state of things. I chose the most entertaining clips since i dont want to bore you but i also havent edited a video in about ten years, so yeah.


One of the problem is that you are trying to play against ka52 with 10.0 SPAAG.
If you had Ito 90 from start it would be a different storry.

Don’t bother playing top tier sim as NATO, it’s the same ending 90% of the time regardless of the SPAA you use.

You will either get rekt by a horde of T-80BVMs (whose weakspots cannot be reliably hit thanks to gunner sight offset) or rekt by a horde of KA-52s (who can first spawn with AGMs for some idiotic reason).

Gaijin’s mistreatment of ground sim players has absolutely driven me away from the mode. The fact that CAS players can just load into the game and start bombing people without needing SP is insane.

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what the point of the SIM RB nowdays it just RB reskin but worse because we still fight in a cluster f of a map in high tier but now can spawn CAS at start

You’re asking me? CAS is War Thunder’s protected class, the only reason ground players don’t have to put up with first spawning CAS is because the playerbase protested strongly enough to have it toned down. Sim Battles doesn’t have the population necessary to force such action


That’s a load of bs.

You get all the arcade infantilisation in a tank. That’s a lot of handholding by gaijin. And you still complain.

Imagine ground sb would actually be a tank sim…

Aircraft are the only reason this mode even exists.

You won’t win. I have stopped fighting with it and just destroyed the game for everyone else (check my german BO stats)

Well you clearly didnt watch the video

lmao, I wish we could have a proper tank Sim, Mr CAS main

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Last time I played SB on Tiger II, I was bombed before I saw any tank and then shoot down 9 planes. Enemy team didn’t even want to use tanks.

I personally need to have my nickname set as anonymous as there is one squad in game which either will leave the game when it sees me or gang up on me with planes.

I main fighters in air SB.

But ibactually agree with you. If tanks were actual tanks in SB i would play them.

So before posting BS about me, you might want to look at my post in the old forums back when tanks were introduced.

I advocated for a tanks im… A lot.

Drivers view, view ports, real manual controls instead of the stupid instructor. The reason why i do play planes is because there are no tanks in WT and i sure as hell not going to invest time into that arcadey sh*t.

If you want to argue that tanks are treated badly in SB then i actually agree with you they are. Because they get the childrens controls like in AB/RB gaijin the players are too incompetent for anything proper.

But complaining about the only Simulator aspect in ground SB? I mean what is the point? Without aircraft there is no Simulator in ground SB… At least do the right thing if you actually like a tank sim.
Advocate for the deletion of ground SB.
Otherwise you are just a hypocrite. Because all you really want is a tank only RB with a slightly different view…


Holy shit those are some wild leaps in logic.

You’re saying that we have to let aircraft bomb people from the start in SB otherwise it’s not SB? What if I want to play tanks without 3rd person view, with more balanced lineups and a more difficult time for CAS?

I did. In most cases you have been killed by high flying chopper, meaning there was no sam so the ka-5x could climb to such altitude.
That is why a wrote from the start of the battle to deny enemy get such position.

Bo days are long over.

I never said that i said ground sb has nonl right to exist without planes.

Reading comprehension isn’t your strength… That’s fine.

If you only want the commanders view then it would not qualify as a simulator, and therefore shouldn’t be in SB… It should be deleted then or made for RB. Both fine by me… But it simply wouldn’t be a Simulator.

Btw sim is used short for Simulator not for SB… Two different things.

So you do not want a tank Simulator at all…

I am not against you getting what you want but SB should not be the place for that.

The point about cas having a harder time: they already have it a lot harder than tanks. Since tanks get the instructor and all the handholding from gaijin while CAS does not.

My Point isn’t that you should get bombed. it is that this gamemode should not exist. It’s tank arcade++ and selling it as SB is a joke and everyone taking it serious as a tank sim is delusional.

It depends what you want to simulate? It is clearly not the controls of the vehicles similarly like many professional simulators deployed in army training centers, where many sims are focused on tactics and controls are even simpler then in WT.
Professional ATP sims can be static focusing on instruments and with very basic flight model.
So is ground SIM complex simulation? It is not, neither the Air sim by far.

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WT is mostly about controlling the vehicle though.

And again complexity doesn’t make a sim, emulation does. Even the most basic simulators emulate the thing they want to simulate well. For the ATP example that would be the instruments. Again what is emulated for tanks? The controls certainly not, the bevaviour… Nope. What?

The look. All vehicles really look very nice.

Still you havnt watched the video. I appreciate your opinion but if you want to comment on the video please watch it first.

That however would only classify it as a realistic shooter. Realism as an artstyle in that case. It needs to emulate a system.

I am not saying tanks are bad in general i am saying they have no place like that in SB.