Top tier ARB is garbage

Matches basically being decided at the start of the game by whoever has the most worthless basebombing premiums.

The result of one team losing about 80% of its players on first contact with a minute or two of the game starting.

And the remainder getting dogpiled thereafter.

Win or lose, there is no satisfaction.

Naturally we need 64 v 64 and for maps to be reduced to a 20km*20km grid.


64 vs 64 in ARB would be a disaster. 16 v 16 is already too much for the current map designs.

ARB should either maintain the current maps and just reduce team size,


ARB can remain 16 v 16 but the maps and mode would need major changes to make it more like EC with multiple 1st spawn airfields, additional objectives, respawns and longer timers.

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Honestly I wonder if Gaijin just fired all of the people who worked on game modes years ago, since hardly anything changes with them and nothing significant is ever done despite their inadequacy. Increasing match sizes to 16v16 hardly required a specialized dev team, and nobody was asking for it. They are all-in on churning out a steady stream of new top tier power creep/feature creep vehicles, and grind events for cosmetics and copy-paste vehicles. The actual game part of the game is an afterthought.


Vote with your wallet / time.
Me and many others voiced our opinion about 16v16 being an issue since the moment they stealthily implemented it. At first we were ignored. Then we were silenced, thread locked, even got banned. Only 1 thing left, stop playing.
Just don’t play ARB. I stopped and apparently many players did as well and it’s affecting Gaijin because:

Knowing Gaijin for many years, the “CM team saw your feedback” is a mumbojumbo corporate speak BS to look good and to save face. In reality, players leaving ARB and migrating to GRB, not only started affecting ARB queue times, but it also led to tankers spamming “CAS is OP threads”. Have you noticed that since the introduction of 16v16 into ARB, the “CAS problem in GRB” thread spam got out of control? It’s because these 2 issues are linked.
Fix ARB to fix GRB.

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Thing is though - people actually prefer this and want more of it.

I dont understand it myself but hey.

Only options to have enjoyable experience with planes is either play Sim or wait that maybe one day Gajin will give up and reimplement proper RBEC.

And Sim is not that bad for rewards either, all you need to do is make sure you score 600 points every 15 minutes and will get full rewards. That equals to 1 kill, 1 cap, 2 bases or 4 ground targets. Which at higher tiers is child play to get.

Come join us here Air RB and it's possible rework.

We are discussing possible way in which ARB could be made better for everyone.

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