Top tier anti air systems are too weak to do anything

In air rb almost impossible to do something vs Su-25 and F-16 derivatives. Its just not possible to hit these jets, while they spam F&F ordnance from 12km away. Their targeting pods or ground radars are 100% precise (whats locked is locked), while radar locks are still wobbling like a drunk and get lost randomly in between. Just not balanced.

Fix this please, its silly.

there’s gotta be some challenge for AA Rocketeers, can’t just be click and kill


Superchallenge when a F-16 obviously pulls more G than my 50G VT1 missile. Also super challenging when they fire from 12km while your range is max 12 km, leaves little to no realistic kill opportunity.

free cheap mmo, play meta or suffer (basically)

USA, Russia or GB, if correct that are the only 3 nations with fast laser spaa. Other than that, things will stay the same and maybe worse

your VT1 isn’t fire and forget so the 50G aren’t the main limiting factor