Top Tier American's team

Hello everybody. Happy to salute all you and for sharing this great game. The motive why I’m writing this topic, is because we feel actually very frustrated for the performance on american top tier ground battles teams. In just 5 min the whole team is out after 1 dead, the reason: they got the squad 11.3 M1A1 AIM and they don’t have any vehicle more… same happens with some swedish and russian teams. I’m just wondering if gaijin is gonna do something to solve this. I read your opinions if the same happens to you.

While that is a reason, there are more factors to fast quit. Let’s say I want to play France, every leclerc cost 380k research + 1 million SL (approx) so I will have only 1 spawn ( if no backup) , research modules is also super pain. High tier spaa also cost a lot.

Then you have bad map design, horrible unbalanced, in some cases high repair cost, some etc ?

That’s no reason. I’m a french’s tech player, and before use a 11.0 set I have tried to research with a lower tier all the 11.0 vehicles. That’s the same with US, if you wanna play higher take the time to research a complet set of 11.0, it is just patience.

I didn’t sat it was a good reason, but a lot of players just wasn’t to jump to top tier. Using Abrams and leos (I think most us and eu players know it as best or popular tanks)
I now it’s no ideal for play but that’s how it works

hah i knew that Squadron vehicle gonna lower the skills of top tier because they just pay their way to it.

meh have the AIM AND A FEW OTHERS FOR AN 11.3 lineup full CAS stuff but honestly I dont notice a huge amount of 1dl …I do notice a certain nation stomping high tier gb tho and well its kinda made me a 1DL soon as I see the end coming which yea sadly right now is about 7 mins into game …sorry im not spawning back when we got no kaps mig-27k’s are up and 4 ka-52 shooting vikrs all the while there entire team outside your spawns…

the main issue is new players go for the country that is said to be the best, sometimes its russia, others america, or maybe germany

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