Top tier Air modifications

Why is the R-73 a rank III modification while the AIM-9M Is rank IV. The AIM-9M is Very clearly a worse missile. I suggest that the R-27ET be swapped with R-73 and make it as expensive as AIM-9M if not more. Why is the Mig-29 SMT’s modifications cheaper in total despite having the same amount as the f-16c.

Is this more Russian favoritism?
This is seen even more with the AV-8B plus which is 11.7 not 12.3 has less modification but cost more that MIG-29 SMT. Is this your way of buffing Russia and trying to hide it.

But this isn’t seen in the Harrier GR.7 even though it too is 11.7 and has as many modifications as mig-29 and f-16.

MIG-29 SMT should have r-73’s as a rank IV modification and total modification cost should go up. AV-8B plus should have its total modification cost go down.
AV-8’s AIM-9m
MIG-29SMT’s Missiles
F-16C’s AIM-9m
Harrier GR.7’s
Why is the AV-8B’s Rank IV modifications the most expensive in the game yet its only 11.7 it’s not even supersonic It should Cost as much as the f-16C or F-14B.

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RP works with tier, and whether its an “end of the line” aircraft. Modules cost the total RP divided by the number of modules (and individual differences based on module tier). Planes with more modules have less RP cost per module. F16C total RP cost to unlock is 530,000, AV8B is also 530,000. Harrier GR7 sits 1 lower in Tier 8 and costs 514,000 to spade fully. F14B sits at the same level as the F16C/AV8B and costs 528,000…

29SMT has 6 modules in tier 3, 22,000 RP / module, total of 132,000
AV8B has 7 modules in tier 3, 19,000 RP / module, total of 133,000

29SMT has 6 modules in tier 4, 28,000 RP / module, total of 168,000
F16C has 5 modules in tier 4, 34,000 RP / module, total of 170,000

There’s nothing weird in any of your pictures, minor differences are there so that module costs round to 1000s for easy reading. It’s been like this forever.

The only argument you can really make is that the 29SMT gets 2x R73 stock, while the F16C only gets 2x 9L, or that the 29SMT unlock should be (tier 1) R27R → R27T → R27ET → (tier 4) R27ER, and place R73 as a tier 4 missile. I don’t see what’s wrong otherwise.

In the defence of Gaijin regarding Aim-9M on the Harrier Gr7. Aim-9M have been added to an existing aircraft and thus they must go into tier 4 as thats the only space for them and Aim-9L (well +2 Aim-9L mod) was already in Tier 3.

F-16C this appears to be the same case as well, Aim-9L mod makes sense in tier 3 and thus Aim-9M Tier 4.

Mig-29SMT. I think its because there is no R-60M mod for them to come after and to be honest. I think R-27ET and R-27ER should both be tier 4 mods as well. As much as I hate dev bias and 100% think this is semi-dev bias related. I think personally its the lesser of the evils. With so many other mods, its not really possible to have all 3 as tier 4 mods. They could swap with R-27ET but a part of me does fear the R-27ETs more than the R-73s, though I mainly play SB

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Then then need to rework how they determine this. They need to base it off of how many modifications something has, give each BR a set modification cost for rank 1 2 3 4 not a set amount in total, vehicles with less modifications are likely not as useful as ones with more. Lest say at 12.3 rank I is like 10,000 rp
Rank II 15,000 rp Rank III 20,000 rp and rank IV 30,000 rp

If you set an amount for modification rank 1 2 3 4, then you automatically also set an amount for total as a direct result.

There’s no space for more tier 4 mods on the plane… have to make decisions. 27ET/ER on tier 3 is just as deadly because then suddenly you have a plane with 2x R73 and 2x 27ET/ER instead of 6x R73. Can’t have it both ways.

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Guys, lets not forget Barak-2 is the worst one in this situation.

While using Barak-2 you have to grind Aim-9p which is a mediocre rear aspect ir missile and considering how important all-aspect missiles are at top tier this is basically insane.

İ wonder what kind of developer thought it was a good idea to force 12.3 plane to grind rear-aspect missile first.

Did you really think they wouldn’t sneak in some way to discriminate against the West in this update? Come on. They also nerfed the Aim-9M before launch, but the code shows no changes to the R73.

just for this → no you braindead,… R-73 in game is the earliest variant ever,… basically being 9L equivalent,…

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What? The R73 we have in game is a mid 1990s variant. The Aim-9M we have in game is a 1983 variant. The earliest R73 from around 1985 has a 20 degree ish seeker head. Then it was upgraded in the late 1980s to a 40degree seeker head. Then in the 90s to what you see in game with 70degree+.

So that you may better understand. Look at the radius on the seeker head for the R60m. That is what a 20degree seeker head looks like. What we have with the R73 in game is the upgrade from around 1994/95 with the 70degree+ seeker head.

Of course they discriminate and put a little russian bias bit by bit where they can. You can see this in the Tanks as well. The darts are often a mod lower for russian than other nations. The Darts and LRF are T2/T3 for a lot of russian tanks, but in my Sweden tanks they are both T4. Both… But also check this out, and their is no excuse for this:

Not only that, but did you notice that the cost to expert the crew is also cheaper? It isn’t cheaper by much but every SL counts sometimes in this game:

It is cheaper in the Mig 29 than it is in the F16 or F14:

Mig-29SMT to F16C for reference:

absolute russian main r73 is closer to AIM-9X than aim-9l. if you want to bring aim-9x we can

Yeah gimme MICA-IR, and i’ll destroy you from 60km away.

yeah give me amraam you wont even know its coming, give us Derby

Gimme MICA-EM and add 20km and have no idea it will come up to your face with 30G of turn capability.

LOAL / ECCM / Link 16

Being 50kg lighter than AIM-120A which have 5km less range (70km range for both AIM-120A and B)

And Derby missile is stated at 50km range,… ^^"

I mean let’s go,… i’ll have fun

I wouldnt say no to Meteor

At this Point, Meteor wouldn’t be a thing before AIM-120C-5 is added to the game with it’s 110km range

Despite Meteor having 50-60km No Escape Zone and a RAMJET engine to fly over 100km,… it would destroy everything.

British main with evil grin whilst sipping a cup of tea

Though yeah, i dont think we’ll ever see Meteor. Other nations would complain as there is little if anything that is equal

frenchies seeing that good missile is anywhere

also frenchies that will cry when gaijin will gimped them because of BaLaNcEd,… as for AS.30L on Super Étendard…