Top Tier AAs useless - Rockets don't Gs as told

Hi all,

since the last update the Top Tier AAs are getting more and more useless. In the stats it is described that the rockets pull 10G, 20G up to 30Gs. Way far not they do that !!! I am playing a lot of ground RB to notice that an ITO or a FlaRakRad or what ever in this BR has no chance. The kills are getting more and more luck. And when a F16, a MIG or what every bombs you out of >6km vertical … forget that.

Why do Gajin tried to re-adjust the Top Tier AAs ?? What for ?? They were good before the last major release?? Why do those rockets have now to rotatet like hell when you fire them ?? In real life they do that not ??

This is the best way to make top tier more and more in-attractive and especially to new playes, who don’t have the necessary skill and/or experience.

Good luck at all if this won’t fix.

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The reason i won’t play over 8.7 now, until i have a viable counter to cas at top tier especially with the roland systems there’s no point even playing, it just resorts into multiple aircraft slamming tanks unchallenged.