Top 5 cool changes that would make War Thunder AWESOME!

1 Nuclear bombs in custom battles
Nuclear bombs in custom battles would be a great addition. What do you think?

2 Ability to choose what the target vehicles are in the test drives
This means you can choose whatever vehicle you want to shoot at in a test drive

3 Raise the spawn point cost of aircraft in ground rb.
Or at least do something about aircraft.

4 Add WW1 into the game
Probably starting with aircraft before tanks.

5 Start adding slightly more low tier vehicles
Just some cool vehicles that are easy to get your hands on.


The ability for some dude to end the custom match doesnt sound like a good idea.

Would be nice to see

No. Current base sp cost is fine. Weapon load out sp costs need to be further itemised

They would not be viable in the game.

I would love a break from top tier spam

  1. Would be cool if it wasn’t spammed or it ended the match
  2. Completely agree.
  3. Basically what mark say’s, or at least add more competent spaa to counter the lower aircraft cost.
  4. I’d be down to play a slow game in a ww1 setting, would need its own mode probably though.
  5. yee
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  1. As stated by the dude above me
  2. Protection analysis is a thing so they probly won’t do that, although it would be cool
  3. Why tho? Unless u mean lower fighters sp cost to counter CAS then yes.
  4. Honestly probly more like an event type of thing would suites it better, also won’t be pretty engaging for new player seeing that most ww1 tanks are slow as balls.
  5. More vehicles are always a plus but it also matter how are they added and when.
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1.Decompress BR

2.Implementation of a switch to select historical/semi-historical matchmakers just like night battles in GF.

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I think you mean raise it???

kinda is but there is so little to add

  1. decompression.

  2. change the team responsible for BR changes.

  3. change the team responsible for amp changes.

  4. change the team responsible for balance


You mean to increase it by like x1.5

3- No. Fighters should remain at 480 where they’re balanced. CAS requirements are fine.
4- No. Not enough vehicles.
The rest I agree with.

Sounds like a decent enough idea in theory. In practice, as said above, it’d end matches you might not want to end. Maybe make it an option to turn on and off.

Absulutely love the idea, it’d actually allow you to test your weaponry agains common enemies for your BR, or vehicles you usually struggle with and help many players figure out weaknesses of difficult opponendlts much easier.

You mean aircraft in general or fighters?

I feel like this is unnecessary. Though maybe making it more dynamic based on ground attack ability would be nice. That way the strongest attackers could cost more, pure fighters without ground attack capabilities less.

I personally wouldn’t mind seeing some weaker attackers and fighters become cheaper to avoid those games where no or not enough air targets spawn, but CAS balancing is quite fragile and very quickly can make aircraft too powerful. It might be best to just keep it as is.

Yes please. While I doubt this is currently a priority for them I’d absolutely love some downwards expansion. There are tons of interesting vehicles that wouldn’t work with current BRs

Absolutely, there aren’t nearly enough WWII vehicles added when looking at just how many we still haven’t seen in game.

WWI ships we already have, but I’d love to see planes and tanks too. Definitely the area moat in need of expansion. :)

Aircraft in ground rb are already more than easy enough to spawn.

Nuclear bombs would be an option. You don’t have to enable them if you don’t want a scenario where the custom battle prematurely ends. But I can agree with you on the third one, it sounds like a good idea.

What causes you to think WW1 vehicles would not be viable? I really am curious.

Yes raise it glad you caught that

Everyone I meant raise the sp cost.

As a separate game mode (perhaps a non-multiplayer game mode as an option) or event. I think WW1 vehicles would work.

We have some early tanks and they are so bad that they almost got removed.

Even then, they are going to be super slow tanks with bad armor. You would have to make a whole seperate mm for them which is not something gaijin is going to do. The last few mms that gaijin made have, more or less, fallen flat.

I can agree with you mostly. But it would still be cool to see them in an event or non-multiplayer setting.

  1. Reduce team sizes in current upper tier Air RB. 12 vs 12 for tier 6. 10 vs 10 for tier 7, 8 vs 8 for tier 8.

  2. Introduce Air RB EC as a separate game mode like Sim EC. Maybe just for the upper tiers (6, 7, 8).

  3. Decompress 9.0 - 10.0 aviation a bit more.

  4. Fortify spawn points in Ground. More cover needed.

  5. Revamp AI so it may be feasible to create a reinforcements mechanic to help alleviate team wipes, even if these AI vehicles are just distracting targets rather than having an effect offensive capability. Reinforcements would only occur when one team is losing by a certain percentage.

Similar to the Behemoth mechanic from Battlefield 1.

I could see them as an april fools event. Would be interesting. Just not a regular mm sort of thing