Tool box...and the key

60000 lions, most of the times, for the absolute nothing. And I don’t speak about the 2.49 Euro for a key. For example when you “win” the useless alpha strikes decal, that nobody wants…

You can’t say you weren’t warned.

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Thats how gambling goes , good prizes are rare

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I personally think 60,000SL a piss take for the more common prizes.

For players like me who can’t afford Premium, where SL are hard to come by in significant quantities, it is just not worth spending. We are “baited” in to spending that amount of money saying we can get premium vehicles and other cool stuff. What a crock of shit. All i got was boosters. How are boosters worth anywhere near 60,000 “each”, total piss take when we can get 3 a day for nothing.

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I have received some stuff and the highest was Merkava Mk.3D .

It’s gambling. The house always wins. The chances are incredibly low. This should be known going in.