Too short airfields on ground games

Just noticed that least on mid br’s the airfield is too short to takeoff.
Example going on A-1H skyraider and using 18x500 pounders you cant take off from airfield again, it cant roll enough speed to get up.
Using rockets or lighter bombs doesnt effect on this.

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Same for Naval!

Hold brake button while revving upp engine, release brake as soon as the plane starts to try to move.
are you using flaps? if yes, try to NOT extend them until you are around 190-200km/h.
Try to aim the plane horizontal and DON’T try to take off before above 200km/h.

letting the plane move as soon as you accelerate looses you some power and airfield length. using flaps to early results in slower acceleration, trying to take off to early result in slower acceleration.
i usually don’t have trouble taking off with the 18x500’s if done correctly.


I’m not extending those at all. Using takeoff flaps all the way , tryed also deploying takeoff flaps on end of runway.
Braking managed to get off from airfield, but not enough momentum and it ended in bellyland 200m away from runway.
But seriously easyest fix would be getting longer airfields on groundgames.
This problem doesnt occur in air games, where runways are longer.

that sounds really weird.
is it spaded or have you just unlocked it?
How much fuel are you bringing?
if you get off from the runway you shouldn’t go back down after it, are you retracting flaps to soon?
i do this:
hold brake until plane tries to move then release brakes, aim mouse at horizon, deploy takeoff flaps at ~190km/h, start aiming SLIGHTLY up (like max 5-10 degrees depending on altitude), do NOT retract flaps until like 45 seconds to a minute efter takeoff and ONLY one step, keep them in combat mode until you have gained some altitude.

i just tried in testflight; heaviest bombload (drag chute 18x500lb bombs) and full fuel (i.e the heaviest it can be without custom loadout). i also left the gear down for extra drag. i could still take off reasonably well on that airfield using what i described above.

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i proudly say that i took of with A-1H full load in sim battles.
don’t take off unless you reach the 200kph speed, one you reach that use take off flaps and gain at least 200m of alt. once stalled close the flaps and dive smoothly to reach 300kph

Extend those flaps ONLY when you hit enough speed.