Too Much Air Domination

Recently there has been way too much air domination missions at low BR arcade matches. I’d guess somewhere around 90% if the matches I’ve played at BR 1.7 or under is air domination. This is just absurd. There are bombers at low BR, what are they good for if there are no ground units to target? Why are there so many air domination matches?


I’m in the same situation with you and have no idea to figure it out.

It is getting ridiculous and is clearly a “bug” at the point that needs fixing. Logged in five days in a row and play five maps each time. Every single map was Air Domination. That is 20 Air Domination maps in a row! THAT is a bug.
I have read u and tried the suggested fixes. Taking bombers out of lineup, putting them in. Putting in this or that order. It does not work at all.

Don’t get me started on how useless Air Domination is in general, but to have to do it over and over again just makes people log off…or go to land or sea.