Too many aircraft in round battles

Ground battles are tank vs tank battles; allowing players to get bombers quickly spoils the fun in the game. Occasionally, you are bombed just on spawn without a chance to play. This is frustrating.
I hope the game developers take note seriously.


use existing cas thread


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Nope, they are NOT ! You’re playing the wrong game.

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Why do people think its only meant for ground lol Read the description and listen to WT advertisements.
Screenshot 2024-02-09 093921

This isn’t WoT or other tank games purely on tanks. It’s War Thunder, a different game with a unique feature that allows Ground and Air to be in the same battlefield.


The simplest update regarding CAS and GRB would be a name change to Combined Arms.

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They honestly should change it to that.

Or literally call it “War thunder” mode or something.

I was so close to saying “0 hours without new CAS thread”

Give him a break though, he’s new.


Ya, I agree CAS is broken. But I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to use that.


If you instantly get bombed in the spawn, perhaps you need to switch off “join running battles”, or whatever they call it.

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The problem is the ease of taking out a plane, by doing a few things in the game you already have SP to take out a plane. An easy solution would be to restrict the number of planes making them cost more SP and that planes cannot be taken out in the first 10 minutes of game, but I don’t think gaijin will do anything since CAS has become very popular and there are a lot of premium CAS, money is king.


CAS is very popular because most of ground units can’t do anything to it.

It is like activating god mode when fighting tanks.

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Of course.
In games there are all kinds of people, such as people who like to play with difficult vehicles, or those who like to play with all types of vehicles regardless of the difficulty, but generally most players will look for the easiest mode, or being able to take revenge on someone who killed him without risking dying again.
Because as I always say, it’s not the players’ fault, it’s the gaijin’s for not solving the imbalances.

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Ive checked all of these and i have just started reading only 15 minutes ago.


No they aren’t. They ae combined arms.

As I’ve said before,
Tanks kill Tanks, SPAA, sometimes helis
SPAA kills Planes, Helis, sometimes tanks if possible
CAS kills Tanks, SPAA, sometimes other CAS, CAP or Helis
Helis kill Tanks, SPAA, CAS, CAP
CAP kills CAS, Helis

This is indeed frustrating, but there isn’t much you or Gaijin can do about it. Personally, I bomb people who need to be bombed, people who are actually in the battle, and are killing my teammates or about to. But you can’t really force anyone to bomb a specific target. Maybe lower rewards for killing people who haven’t lived long?


That’s not Bingo, that’s just Bing.

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