TOG II Grind

I’ve Been Trying To Grind The Distinctions For The TOG II because I have enjoyed the tank for quite a while but i’ve been too busy studying for school and being at school to grind the third distinction and now its impossible for me to get the TOG II now. ):

You can buy any that you miss, if you are able.


If you missed any stages, you can purchase them with Golden Eagles:

“If you didn’t finish the stage in time until 16th of November you will be able to purchase passing stages for Golden Eagles in the achievement window and get corresponding prizes.”

Purchase it

I didn’t realize the event started as soon as it did, so i missed the first mark.

There is no use trying to get it now, and spending 1k GE on it seems a bit much.

Thats why they made it possible to buy the marks for GE. Make it troublesome for many people and then add a way of buying them for real money.

Even if you need 1 point, you’ll probably still have to pay top dollar for a task.