TL2 baby! Here comes the "ignore" hammer

Sooner than I expected (Discourse default is two weeks, and it’s been 10 days).

The only real change I’m aware of is I get ignore rights, I think? Hmm… looks around… this has been a looong time coming…

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Just a couple observations, on the tutorial you get at TL2:

  1. The tutorial seems to hang after you try a delete. Not sure if there’s anything else that is meant to come after that.

  2. The tutorial makes reference to how you can choose a light or a dark theme at this point, but there’s no change to the user preferences page it points you to to all ow that.

TL2 squaaaad

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You could always mute users.

Got my TL2 today too, earlier than expected it seems.

Can you really mute or ignore moderators? 😈

Yes! I got my TL2 today, too. The ignore function was pretty weak, since you would still see people you didn’t want to see. The ignore option is nice to have again. Pretty unfortunate you can’t use that option until TL2, tho.


Appears you can’t do either. The mute/ignore options aren’t even displayed when viewing an admin’s profile.

I was trying it through the Preferences>Users on my profile.


But you’ll get an error:

It’s almost useless then. 😅


That is because you tried to ignore Stona, someone who is a moderator.