TK at game start (Air RB)

I know that TK is a complex issue with no easy solutions but these start of the game TKs in high-tier Air RB are becoming increasingly common.
30-50% of the matches, someone will, without reason or justification, coldly smoke a teammate, way before any contact with the enemy was even established.

Reporting, as we know, generally does nothing. I know because I report every single one and I have the feeling all of that is in vain.

I understand that determining the ill intent in the heat of the battle is not an easy thing but this is different. I cannot believe the Snail cannot implement a simple feature that would punish these annoying m0rons.

How about this:
Any kill of the teammate before contact with the enemy was established will be punished with 10 min crew lockout (with regular SL punishment) that will be increased x2 on each subsequent game start kill, during the same day.

Frequent offenders (like 7 times /week) will be punished with 3 day temporary ban that will be doubled for the same offense, for the current month.

There! Assuredly this would rectify this problem, to some part?

(Also, I would like to see - when using a guided missile, if the enemy was positively locked, if the destroyed friendly was not in the vicinity of the targeted enemy (600m) and not in the vicinity of my crosshair when fired, I pay no SL repair costs. But I know this would be harder to implement …)

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image (18)

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I would also like to see something done about this. I also feel like they should apply other players’ boosters to their results, except apply them in the negative percent. Here are two screenshots of pretty blatant tk’ing at the start.


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